Women in Media Music

At Buma Music in Motion we want to shine a (spot)light on the Dutch women in media music. Are you a music supervisor, film maker, sync agent or another music executive looking for a certain sound or composer for your next project? These women might be your answer!


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Ishtar Bakhtali

Composing sound: crossover, Indian, jazz, Latin, nature, electronics, acoustic, contemporary, transdisciplinary, atmospheric, classical, soundscape
Ishtar likes to bend the role of vocalist to the one of ‘soundmaker’. In her projects electronics, loops, instruments and vocal effects create a language together that tell a story. As a vocalist and composer she especially likes to collaborate cross-disciplinary and aims to weaving a musical texture to support the other discipline and reach synergy.
Lyrics and atmosphere are important factors in her compositions and arrangements and often these come from drawings or are related to other visual factors like dance and film. Her musical influences are: Indian Classical music, Brazilian music, sounds of nature, electronics, Western Classical music and Jazz.
Born to a Dutch mother and Hindustan-Surinam father she came into contact with different cultures and various kinds of music from a young age. This planted the seed to explore more cultures and languages, leading especially to Portugal and India. Her interest in performing arts led her through acting, dancing, music courses and collaborations of different kinds and music from different traditions. In recent years mainly Jazz and Indian Classical (Dhrupad and Carnatic) music as well as a crossover.
Website: ishtarbakhtali.com

Aisling Brouwer

Composing sound: ambient, emotive, dark, raw, driving electronic
Aisling Brouwer is a Dutch/Irish film composer, producer & artist based in Berlin. One of her latest scores is for Rubika Shah’s BIFA-nominated feature ‘White Riot’ which screened in cinemas around the world after winning - amongst others - the BFI Grierson Award in 2019 and a Special Mention Award at Berlinale International Film Festival. The ambient electronic score was released as an OST album in December 2020 and received attention from renowned film critic Mark Kermode as well as artist & radio presenter Tom Robinson.
Aisling’s artist project with Anna Phoebe - AVAWAVES - is signed to One Little Independent Records (home to Björk, Ásgeir, Poppy Ackroyd) and managed by Nitin Sawhney CBE. Their debut album ‘Waves’ was released in 2019 and championed by Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC 6 Music and Scala Radio; their second album is expected in 2021. They also co-wrote & performed a track on Nitin Sawhney’s latest album ‘Immigrants’ which was recently released on Sony Masterworks, and will be performing as part of his 'Journeys' festival at the Royal Albert Hall later this year.
Having lived and worked in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, London and Berlin - Aisling’s credits include scores for BBC, Discovery Channel, Channel 4 as well as campaigns for the United Nations, Dior & an AVAWAVES commission for Zegna feat. two-time Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali.
Aisling lives in Berlin where she is a resident composer at Riverside Studios. She is represented by Manners McDade in London, UK.
Website: aislingbrouwer.com

Annelotte Coster

Composing sound: Pop, Ambient, Hybrid, Mellow, Fresh
Annelotte studied Keys at the Pop Department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam, as well as Composing for Film at the CvA/The Netherlands Film Academy. Being a composer and live musician is a combination that Annelotte cherishes deeply. She explains: ‘While playing live I meet new people and hear new sounds, which greatly inspires me to compose. And vice versa.’ To find the best form for a story and to be able to push boundaries for imagination and creativity, she ideally gets involved in the process early, so all disciplines can inspire each other.
When scoring for film, Annelotte is always looking for an original sound or approach. She combined sounds of vintage casio keyboards, samples and strings for the coming-of-age ‘Marlon Brando’ – which has been selected for Golden Calf Short Film, Semaine de la Critique Cannes and TIFF – while choosing a completely different sound for the minimalistic documentary Als Je Later Groot Bent/When You Grow Up – which received a VPRO documentary price and nomination for Buma Music in Motion New talent 2020. For that documentary specifically she wrote a wrote a string quintet, piano and saxophone. Another example of her changing approach is the short fiction film ‘Ningyo’ (2019) where Annelotte had the chance to put her thesis 'Pop music as an instrument in a film score' into practice.
Her style is often described as slightly melancholic, but of course - being able to play different instruments herself and using the almost unlimited (technical) resources of today – she’s also capable and certainly willing to create something completely different!
Website: annelottecoster.com

Sofia Dragt

Composing sound: cinematic, neo-classical, piano, airy vocals, vulnerable to epic
Composer, producer, vocalist and pianist Sofia Dragt works as a recording and performing artist in pop music, as well as a composer and producer for film and media. Recent work includes the score for a television documentary series named ‘Het WAD’ by Ruben Smit, and premiered last May on VARA – a Dutch television broadcaster. Currently, she’s working on a short film by Johathan J. Smit ‘Ik wil je graag bedanken’ [I’d like to thank you] which will premier later this year.
She won several awards including ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland’ [the Dutch national grand music award] in 2013, won the award for ‘’Best Music - Pop’’ at the Berlin Motion Picture Festival in 2018. And in 2019 she was runner up for ‘Best Film Scoring’ at the CAIFF (USA).
Previous projects include:
2020 – Het WAD by Ruben Smit (TV Documentary)
2016 – De Schatkamer van de Veluwe by Ruben Smit (TV Documentary)
2014 – Ze Kent Me Nog by Kevin Geurts (Short)
Website: sofiadragt.com

Marg van Eenbergen

Composing sound: Real songs, with strong lyrics that enhance the mood of the images. Mostly these songs are in the singer/songwriter to indie-pop genre, but she has also written and produced hardcore anthems, French chansons and Germans ‘schlager’ hits.
Marg van Eenbergen is a producer-composer with a strong love for pop music. As a 4-year-old, her dad (a professional audio engineer) put a set of headphones on her ears for the first time, and ever since she has been fascinated by sound. As a singer-guitarist she fronted several successful indie-bands for 15 years. For the past 5 years she has been working fulltime as a producer in her own recording/ mixing studio in Amsterdam.
Here she divides her time between producing songs for original artists like Charlie Dée, Ben Forte and Dési Ducrot, and composing songs for TV commercials. She has (co-)written and produced music for McDonalds, Lotto, Albert Heijn and Stella e-bikes. Occasionally she also writes songs for movies.
Click here for an overview of recent work.

Lauriane Ghils

Composing sound: Meditative, Minimalist, Organic sounds, Latin American and West-African influences
Lauriane Ghils is a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and masseuse. She discovered her passion for music at the age of 6, when she started to play the piano, and would very soon begin to compose. At 15, she got to know a large variety of Latin American percussion through a renowned Mexican percussionist in Belgium, Osvaldo Hernandez, who would become her teacher during some years. At the same time, she found a deep passion for Malinke music through the djembé and later through the Kamale N'goni, the latter being very present, as well as the piano, in her compositions.
At the age of 21 she decided to enroll at the Jazz Studio in Antwerpen, Belgium, for a period of two years, after which she discovered the Codarts conservatorium of music in Rotterdam, in Holland, where she achieved a Master in Latin Percussion at the world music department.
In the past years she has collaborated with artists such as, amongst others, Shirma Rouse, Kim Hoorweg, Ilja Reijngoud, Toke d Keda, Manny Rod, Toy Viera, Luan Barbosa, Marivaldo Paim, Gerardo Rosales, Babara Bangoura, Lucas Van Merwijk, Pink Oculus and Karim Baggili. She also had the chance to perform as a musician and actress for a production of the Maas Theater with whom she toured in the Netherlands.
She now has several musical projects such as Lwela Kasulwe, Si Cristina, Krosshart, Ariah Lester and ReCuerdas. She also teaches percussion at School of Music and is a professional masseuse.
Website: facebook.com/laurianeghilsmusic

Anouk Hendriks

Composing sound: r&b, indie, pop, singer-songwriter, ambient, soundscapes & drone
Anouk Hendriks is a producer, composer, songwriter and artist who releases indie r&b music under her alias ‘Anuka’. After getting her Bachelor degree in Music at Codarts, Rotterdam, she submerged herself in the Los Angeles r&b scene, while simultaneously kickstarting her independent music career online.
As a singer and songwriter, she gained momentum through collaborations with several electronic music artists such as San Holo. In 2014, she landed her first sync on streaming platform Hulu. While she continued to grow her catalogue as an artist, she spent a big portion of her time sharing her love for conceptual storytelling as a songwriter for several other artist’ projects such as RZLZ, Amaya and INNA. Her music has been featured on Netflix’ ‘One of us is lying’ and used for brands such as ‘Zalando’.
As a producer, Anouk loves to combine organic sounding elements with modern sampling techniques like granular sampling and spectral processing. This results in a surprising foundation for her raw lyricism and soulful vocals.
Since 2019 she is also active as ‘Líom’, an alias for which she composes and produces ambient soundscapes and meditational music. Anouk has been releasing her own music for over six years, maintaining a career as an independent musician.
Website: www.anukamusic.com

Hannah Hiemstra

Hannah Hiemstra is a Dutch composer, drummer and songwriter. She studied music and music composition for four years in Dublin. While in Dublin, Hannah was active as a drummer for several musical projects. During her studies she developed an interest in music for moving image and film which she further developed during her Master. After receiving her M.Phil in Music Composition she moved to Amsterdam, where she is based now.
In 2018 she composed music for the short animated film ‘Getting There’ by Yasmin Hanschke, which ended up winning Best Animation Award at the Dingle International Film Festival 2018.
In 2020 she did an internship at the Creative Sound Studio Antfood in Amsterdam, where she got to work on several compositional and sounddesign projects.
Hannah is always aiming for a coherent yet unexpected sound, which supports the story. Mixtures of acoustic, orchestral and electronic musical elements are often present in her sound. She finds the intricate relationship between visuals and music/sound fascinating and tries to emulate that in her work. Her music is layered and has a dark edge.
Website: rivalsisters.com

Thalisa Jagt

Keywords: Games, Film
Composing style: Orchestra, piano, electronic, vocals
Thalisa Jagt, also known as Chachanii, is a composer for film and games, sound designer, a pianist from origin and works simultaneously as a recording engineer and producer for her own Indie Electronic music. Currently, she’s still finishing her studies on Composing for Film and Games at MediaMusic, Artez Univeristy of Arts.
Thalisa’s music roots go back to the local orchestra where she played piano and continued to do so for multiple school related events. In 2019, she composed music for the trailer of a local showcase called ‘F(r)ame’. In 2021, she created music for a student animation project ‘Plague of Nijmegen’ which will be used as education material for children through the Dutch national e-learning environment: ‘SchoolTV’.
As a recording engineer she has recorded instrumentals and vocals for fellow students, music teacher(s) and the student association ‘Taste’ which included a 22-songs CD. For another school project titled ‘Dynamedion’ she contributed as a sound designer.
Website: chachanii.com

Tessa Rose Jackson

Composing sound: melodic, organic, low-fi, vintage (sometimes) and songwriting (if suitable)
Tessa Rose Jackson is a composer, producer, songwriter and artist who releases her own work under the name ‘Someone’. Her passion is storytelling and as a film composer she loves sculpting the musical landscape in which the story takes place. She is a film-lover herself and draws inspiration from the worlds of David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Greta Gerwig, Paul Thomas Anderson, Charlie Kaufman and the Coen Brothers (amongst many others).
Jackson has been working as a composer in media for eleven years and has created work for global campaigns including Audi, Ikea and Google Nexus. Her music has also been featured in series such as HBO’s ‘New Girl’ and Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’. As she is a composer as well as a songwriter, one of her more recent adventures has been fusing a film’s score with its soundtrack. This opens a realm of possibilities, allowing Jackson to nestle herself into the film’s team in whichever way works best.
This year, Jackson has been focused on recording a new Someone album, due for release later this year. She also wrote and produced three songs for the new feature film by Antoinette Beumer, sound tracked a number of podcasts and worked on multiple commercial campaigns. Together with her partner-in-crime Darius Timmer, she is in the process of creating the full audio, music and foley for the new animation feature film by the Chinese film maker Lei Lei.
Websites: tessarosejackson.com | someoneswebsite.com

Ayu Lestari

Composing sound: Authentic Cinematic, Organic, Global
Ayu Lestari is a producer, composer, co-owner of the indie record label ‘Signature’ and co-founder of ‘Sisters in Songwriting’, a community based in Rotterdam. Besides being a music entrepreneur, Ayu studies IT-Law at the University of Groningen. Music is her passion and profession. Recently she released the first all-female compilation album ‘20 Feet Tall’. In her own studio she records, produces and mixes for artists, helping them to find their signature sound.
Ayu studied Electronic Music Production at SAE and had the opportunity to watch and learn from mentors Spaceman Patterson (Miles Davis, Frank Ocean) and Grammy award-winning producer Jerry Wonda (Fugees, Whitney Houston), in New York where she lived for six months. As a film composer Ayu won several national and international awards with film documentaries Streetkids United II (executive produced by Stephen Daldry known from The Crown, The Hours and Billy Elliot), Streetkids United III and Becoming Lev. The latter screened at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR) in 2020.
Website: signaturemusic.nl/item/ayu-lestari

Loes Nolten (M I G I S I)

Composing sound: Spacious, Sonorous, Trip Hop, Abundant, Cinematic, Cosmic, Glitchy
A creative centipede that shines even more when the sun shinesy. Among others artist, multi-instrumentalist, (media) music producer (Xenos, ESPN), voice actor (Volker Wessels), teacher (REDUCATIONS), artist and tattoo apprentice. As an artist she is present on Spotify and sometimes on stage, culminating in a performance during Eurosonic Noorderslag. In addition, she is also culturally active as ambassador and coach at MusicMovesNL.
Website: youtube.com/channel/UC6ao_3Zf79n-zoSViHduZoA/playlists

Rósa Trujillo

Composing style: Dreamy, Mysterious, Melodic, Playful
Rósa Trujillo is an Icelandic-Dutch composer, producer and singer. Born in Amsterdam, with roots in California and living in Reykjavik for most of her live, she draws inspiration from her different backgrounds.
Starting on classical piano, she later moved over to singing jazz and pop music. Playing with the band FOSS since 2016 they played various venues in the Netherlands. With her bandmates she produces in their studio in Utrecht moody and dreamy songs to listen to late at night.
Her newest music is released under the name of Kai Needie. In her colourful home studio she melts together wobbly synths, catchy guitars and melodic vocals to create her own carefree, dreamlike world.
Website: linkedin.com/in/r%C3%B3sa-trujillo-6630151b6

Charley van Veldhoven

Composing sound: Electronica, Soundscapes, Classical Piano, lo-fi beats
Charley started off her musical career as a classically trained pianist and started composing from a young age. She booked her first success in competitions such as November Music and NBE/VARA. Over the years she started experimenting with sounds, synthesizers, live recorded instruments and her voice. In 2018 she traveled to Los Angeles to complete her traineeship with AAA-Game composer Jeff Rona.
Last year, in 2020, Charley graduated with triple Honors in Music and Technology (HKU) and now she composes for film, games, commercials and other media. Some examples of her work include sonic branding and music for the multi-award winning game ‘Reducent’ and her productions for MassiveMusic, trailer company The Solos, BMG and Universal among others.
Website: charleyvanveldhoven.com

Janice Wong

Music sound: deep ambient cello, meditation music
The Wong Janice is an Amsterdam-based solo cellist known for her deep ambient cello meditation music, sounding most like cellist Zoe Keating and taking hints from composers Hildur Guðnadóttir, Max Richter and Garth Stevenson.
The Wong Janice does not use conventional methods of composing. She plays freely using her cello, effect pedals and loop machine, staying far away from midi instruments and written scores. Although she is a new face in the media world, and is still yet to compose anything on assignment, her wish is that potential partners will listen to her original music and choose to work with her on the basis of her 'ambient cello soundscapes' or 'cello meditation music'. If given the opportunity, she will do her best to be open and flexible in working together to create the perfect sound for the proposed media.
Website: thewongjanice.com

Ella van der Woude

Composing sound: Mostly known for film soundtracks (arthouse drama’s, psychological horror) dark, ambient, quirky, neo-classical, piano, singer-songwriter, dreampop, indie, folk, sadcore
Ella van der Woude is a Swiss-Dutch, Amsterdam-based musician, songwriter and composer. A versatile artist who scores movies, performs in bands and immerses herself in a number of projects. In 2016, Van der Woude produced a dream pop/triphop EP with Stew Jackson (Massive Attack, Phantom Limb), and more recently released “Solo Piano” on Snowstar Records, an ambient piano-based album. 
Classically trained with a degree in composition, she has been composing film scores for most of her artistic life. Van der Woude has worked with top established and emerging filmmaking talent from The Netherlands, including Guido Hendrickx (Among Us, 2014; Stranger in Paradise, 2016), Ena Sendijarevic (Import, 2016; Take Me Somewhere Nice, 2019) and Mees Peijnenburg (A Hole in My Heart, 2014; We will never be Royals, 2015; Paradise Drifters, 2020). Recent cinema-related projects include Dutch actress Halina Reijn’s directorial debut Instinct, winner of the Variety Piazza Grande Award at the Locarno film festival, and Shariff Korver’s second feature Do Not Hesitate.
Website: ellavanderwoude.com