Participating companies

  • Activision Blizzard

  • Adformatie

    advertising agency, magazine, press

  • AIK Music

    artist, author/composer

  • Ambassadors of Entertainment

    production company, publisher, record company

  • Amsterdam Dance Event

    Conference & Showcase Festival

  • ArtEZ MediaMusic - ArtEZ University of the Arts

    Head of Program

  • BCMM

    Professional association, author/composer

  • BFCC

    International Press Manager

  • Big Orange Music


  • bitbird

    publisher, label

  • Blackbyrd

    bookings agency, artist management agency

  • Born4Jobs

    Media/Music Recruitment Consultancy, consultancy

  • Brooke Bender, LMFT


  • Buma Cultuur

    author rights organisation, festival, consultancy

  • Buma Music in Motion


  • Buma/Stemra

    rights organisation, author rights organisation

  • by RAVEN


  • Cloud 9 Music B.V.

    publisher, record company

  • Copyright Power International BV

    International Royalty collection, Guidance & administration, consultancy, publisher

  • Coversion Music

    record company, TV/Film, label

  • Creative Europe Desk NL

    financial institution, consultancy, TV/Film

  • CTM Publishing


  • d'OPK

    author/composer, TV/Film, video

  • Dikhoff Van Dongen Advocaten

    consultancy, law firm

  • DownTown Music Benelux


  • Downtown Music Publishing

  • Driebit

    broadcasting company, DJ

  • Endless Music

    consultancy, publisher, artist management agency

  • F.L.I.P Entertainment

    label, publisher, gaming

  • Festina Amsterdam

    digital media, advertising agency, consultancy

  • FireNGold Music


  • Frank van Wanrooij

    buma cultuur bestuur, author/composer

  • Gary Smith

    new media, event marketing, consultancy

  • Gigstarter

    music platform, new media

  • HearHear

    music producer, author/composer, artist

  • Hemusic producties

    author/composer, new media, video

  • | Music for Media


  • HKU | Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

    University of Arts, author/composer, consultancy

  • I Write

    music producer, author/composer, artist

  • IAA

    media, digital media, advertising agency

  • IFFR

    festival, TV/Film, media

  • Ilan Eshkeri

    artist, author/composer, TV/Film

  • iMediate / EB LIVE / Entertainment Business

    media, press, magazine

  • InJazz

    Music Conference & Festival

  • jairzinho

    media, digital media, press

  • Jan Hinke Music & Sounddesign

    DJ, author/composer, radio

  • Jay Rox

    artist, author/composer, DJ

  • Jeditah Productions

    artist, production company

  • Job, Joris & Marieke

  • Joost van 't Hoff / Elephant Ears

    author/composer, TV/Film, media

  • Joris de Gouw


  • Joris de Man

  • Karl Heortweard

  • KnightVision

    record company

  • M.R.Compositions

    author/composer, TV/Film, gaming

  • Maarten te Paske

    artist, author/composer

  • Mason / Animal Language

    DJ, label, artist

  • MassiveMusic.

    A&R manager, author/composer

  • Miss Ghislaine Regout

    author/composer, artist

  • Modern Day Composers

    Custom music production

  • Motif Music

    publisher, author/composer

  • Music Motion

    workshops/education, event/party organisation, consultancy

  • Music On Motion

    artist, author/composer

  • MusicAllStars B.V.


  • Nederlands Film Festival

    festival, TV/Film

  • Neeboer + Neeboer

    audio post production, author/composer

  • Nineyards Audio

    sound design, author/composer

  • Perquisite

    producer, artist, author/composer

  • Photocero Photography


  • Pim van de Werken

    artist, author/composer

  • Pine Tree Studio

    media, author/composer, artist

  • Pine Tree Studio.

    producer, artist, author/composer

  • Planet Creon

    production company, publisher, author/composer

  • Prolody

    software developer, author/composer

  • Pusher

    Sync Boutique, TV/Film, publisher

  • PVH Music Amsterdam

    producer, media, artist


    artist, author/composer, consultancy

  • Ridvan Düzey


  • Rita Zipora

    Moderator/Host, author rights organisation, author/composer

  • Rock The Fox

    artist management agency, bookings agency, festival

  • Samson Music


  • Score Draw Music

    author/composer, TV/Film

  • SeeSound


  • Self employed


  • Sena

    rights organisation

  • Sizzer Amsterdam

    music agency

  • Sky

    publisher, broadcasting company, media

  • SOB Audio Imaging

    author rights organisation, author/composer, production company

  • SOLID as a rock

    Education in Music Business, consultancy, publisher

  • Sonar Traffic

    artist, author/composer

  • Sony/ATV Music Publishing | The Netherlands


  • Soundgram publishing

    publisher, TV/Film, author/composer

  • Soundsright


  • SoundTrack_Cologne

    festival, TV/Film, production company

  • SoundVibe Music

    gaming, TV/Film, author/composer


    audio production

  • Stephen Emmer BV

    artist, consultancy, author/composer

  • Sterk Water Studio

    DJ, artist, author/composer


    TV/Film, author/composer, artist

  • Strictly Confidential Music Publishing


  • Studio De Keuken / Dangerous Kitchen Music

    Music & Sounddesgn, author/composer, record company

  • Studio Merlijn Snitker

    production company, author/composer

  • SWMP Music

    production company, author/composer

  • SyncBlu

    sync agency, publisher, record company

  • SyncFix Music Research

    Music Research

  • Talents for Brands

    digital media, author/composer, production company

  • The Missing Sync

    production company, publisher

  • The Solos

    music agency, label, publisher

  • Thomas music

    author/composer, artist

  • Thomas van der Burg


  • Tom Schipper

    author/composer, media, TV/Film

  • Top Notch.


  • Universal Music Publishing | UMG The Netherlands

    publisher, author rights organisation, label

  • VaVaVoom! Music

    music production company, author/composer

  • Warner/Chappell Music Germany GmbH


  • Warner/Chappell Music | The Netherlands


  • West One Music Group

    author/composer, publisher

  • White Bear PR

    TV/Film, consultancy, PR organisation

  • Wiebe Boorsma

    video, TV/Film, author/composer

  • Wilbert Roget

All rights reserved