Participating companies

  • 3FM

    festival, new media, radio


    consultancy, event/party organisation

  • Adformatie

    advertising agency, press, magazine

  • All Music Publishing b.v.


  • Ambassadors

  • Amelia Hartley

  • Amp.Amsterdam

    Strategic partner in music, advertising agency, broadcasting company

  • Amp.Amsterdam

    production company

  • Amsterdam Dance Event

    Conference & Showcase Festival

  • Annika Bos


  • Audio Brothers

    sync tracks, production company, author/composer

  • Audio Brothers

    music studio, author/composer, production company

  • Audio Network Amsterdam


  • BackBeat Music

    publisher, production company, author/composer

  • Bart Lybeert Creatief Producent

    artist, author/composer, production company

  • BCMM

    Professional association, author/composer

  • BeamSystems

    AV rental & sales company, video

  • Benjamin Alphons


  • Bermusico Advice and Mediation musicrights

    consultancy, author/composer

  • BFCC

    International Press Manager

  • Big Orange Music


  • BIND

    event/party organisation, TV/Film, video

  • Bisceglia Music

    author/composer, TV/Film, publisher

  • Black Wire Music Ltd

    publisher, label, record company

  • BMG Production Music


  • BMG Talpa Music B.V.

    publisher, label, TV/Film

  • BMI

    US Performing Rights Organization

  • Bob Zimmerman


  • Brand New Live

    PR organisation, event marketing, publisher

  • Buma Cultuur

    author rights organisation, video

  • Buma Music in Motion


  • Buma/Stemra

    author rights organisation, artist, author/composer

  • CBK Music

    author/composer, artist

  • Chainvine

    software developer

  • CleverLions & SmartOcto

  • Cloud 9 Music B.V.

    record company, publisher


    advertising agency, production company, consultancy

  • Context Labs

  • Copyright Control

    record company, publisher, consultancy

  • Copyright Power International BV

    Back Office: Royalty collection & administration, consultancy, publisher

  • Creative Europe Desk NL

    TV/Film, consultancy, financial institution

  • Cris&Jef Music

    music agency


    music agency

  • CTM Publishing

    A&R/Managing Director, publisher

  • d'OPK

    TV/Film, author/composer, video

  • Dazzled Kid

    publisher, author/composer, artist

  • De Gouw Music


  • De Vos & Partners Advocaten

    law firm

  • Deezer Netherlands

    streaming service, digital media, new media

  • Dickon Hinchliffe

  • Dot BlockChain Music Inc.

    rights organisation

  • DownTown Music Benelux


  • Driebit

    broadcasting company, DJ

  • Dubbel

    Creative Coaching, author/composer, production company

  • Dutchband

    festival, event technology, event/party organisation

  • DutchCulture

    Advisor European funding, consultancy

  • DutchFilmComposers


  • Eelke Kleijn

    producer, author/composer, artist

  • Eleven


  • Elkan Frank

    author/composer, artist

  • EMI Production Music

    publisher, production company

  • Energy BBDO

    advertising agency

  • Enhanced Music

    publisher, record company, label

  • Epidemic Sound | NL

    production music, media, video

  • European Commission

  • Eurosonic Noorderslag

    conference & festival, media, festival

  • Event Engineers

    ICT/Wifi supplier, production company, streaming service

  • Event Production

    festival, event/party organisation, magazine

  • Ezra Xenos

  • Fedde Wapstra

    artist, media, TV/Film

  • Felis Music

    author/composer, author rights organisation, artist

  • Festina Amsterdam

    digital media, advertising agency, consultancy

  • Festivalinfo

    new media, digital media

  • Film Fest Gent

    TV/Film, PR organisation, festival

  • FireNGold Music


  • Five Stripe Studios

    media, author/composer, TV/Film

  • Fount

    artist management agency, event/party organisation, label

  • Freshbeat Studio

    sounddesigner, author/composer

  • Friendly Fire B.V.

    bookings agency, artist management agency, festival

  • Gallio Producties / 678 records

    DJ, record company, label

  • Gary Smith

    new media, event marketing, consultancy

  • GBME

  • Geistreich

  • Geschikte Gasten

    production company, video, TV/Film

  • Guus Mulder

    artist, author/composer




    TV/Film, production company

  • Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, Germany


  • Harm Timmermans Music

    Sound-engineer, artist, author/composer

  • Hauschka


  • Headliner Entertainment

    DJ agency, artist management agency, bookings agency

  • Het PR Bureau

    PR organisation

  • Hexel Productions Limited

    consultancy, author/composer, artist


    TV/Film, author/composer

  • | Music for Media


  • HKU | Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

    University of the Arts

  • Hofmuziek

    composer, artist, TV/Film

  • Hototo

    artist, new media, software developer

  • IAA

    digital media, advertising agency, media

  • IFFR

    festival, media

  • iMediate / EB LIVE / Entertainment Business

    press, publisher, media

  • Independent IP/FUGA

    digital media, distribution, software developer

  • Indi Amsterdam

  • Ingelise de Vries

    media, new media, press

  • InJazz

    Music Conference & Festival

  • Intermission Film Amsterdam

    digital media, advertising agency, TV/Film

  • inzuzo

    financial institution

  • It Won't Stop Productions

    artist, publisher, author/composer

  • jairzinho

    press, digital media, media

  • Jay Rox

    artist, DJ, author/composer

  • JG

    record company, new media, author rights organisation

  • Joost van 't Hoff / Elephant Ears

    TV/Film, author/composer, media


    music recording and mixing

  • Keljet VOF

    artist, author/composer, DJ

  • Kix Media

    Producer/Creative, production company, author/composer

  • KiX Music

    Music production company, production company

  • Koonian

    artist, author/composer, TV/Film

  • Leland Music

    music supervision agency

  • Link Design

    creative agency, consultancy, digital media

  • Little Wonder

    author/composer, publisher

  • Lone Nyhuus

  • Marc de Leeuw

    TV/Film, video

  • MasantaeMusic

    audio branding, author/composer, artist

  • Mason

    label, DJ, artist

  • MassiveMusic

    Music Production


  • Matteo Mijderwijk Music


  • Meetsysteem

    author/composer, DJ, artist

  • Michiel Steltman

  • Michiel van Poelgeest


  • Mobiquity

    app maker

  • Modern Day Composers

    Custom music production

  • Monique Krüs


  • MOST Original Soundtracks | MOST Audio Post


  • MSH MediaSoundHamburg / IFFMA


  • Music Art & Media Network

    Music Production, author/composer, digital media

  • Music Dept.

    artist management agency, bookings agency, publisher

  • Music Journalist

  • Music Production Academy

    Music Production & DJ School + Recording studio, author/composer, artist management agency

  • MusicAllStars B.V.


  • MySoundsafe

    software developer

  • Nanada Music B.V.


  • Nederlands Film Festival


  • Nelson Ogliastri


  • Neurensics


  • NeuroPhonics

    AI startup, software developer, author/composer

  • New Slang

    publisher, rights organisation

  • Ninja Tune

    record company, publisher

  • NL FILM & TV

    media, TV/Film, production company

  • No Mondays

    DJ, author/composer

  • No Mondays

    artist, author/composer, DJ

  • Nothing Is Concrete

    consultancy, PR organisation, artist management agency

  • OIJ

    artist, artist management agency, label

  • Oisin Lunny

  • OMJA

    law firm

  • OurMusic.Biz

    consultancy, distribution

  • Pablo Cabenda

    newspaper, press, media

  • Paul Westgeest Communicatie

    PR organisation

  • Paylogic Nederland B.V.

    event marketing, digital media, ticketing

  • Pennies From Heaven


  • Pennies From Heaven B.V.


  • Pepflow BV

    consultancy, publisher

  • Perquisite

    producer, author/composer, artist

  • Phoenix Media

    video, TV/Film, new media

  • Photocero Photography


  • Planet Creon

    publisher, author/composer, production company

  • Playground Music Scandinavia

    record company, label, publisher

  • Plutonic Group Productions

    Music Producer/Songwriter, author/composer, production company

  • Plutonic Group Syncs

    Sync Licensing Agency, consultancy, TV/Film

  • PURE Jingles

    radio, production company

  • PVH Music Amsterdam

    producer, artist, new media

  • Radar

    photography & design, video, digital media

  • Record-Play


  • Red Bull (The Netherlands)

  • Ridvan Düzey


  • Rinkel Film

    TV/Film, production company

  • Rita Zipora

    Moderator/Host, artist, author rights organisation

  • Robert Pronk Music

    artist, author/composer, publisher

  • Roel Slootman


  • Roy Bemelmans


  • Sabam

    rights organisation

  • sabam

    beroepsvereniging Belgium Screen composers, author/composer, author rights organisation

  • Samson Music


  • Score Draw Music

    author/composer, TV/Film


    digital media

  • SeeSound


  • Sena

    rights organisation


    festival, artist, TV/Film



  • Signed with Sony/Atv Music Publishing


  • Silva Screen Records Limited

    publisher, record company, label

  • Sizzer Amsterdam

    music agency

  • Smarthouse Films

    production company

  • SMP Amsterdam

    author/composer, production company

  • SOB Audio Imaging

    author/composer, production company, author rights organisation

  • Sonar Traffic


  • SonicPaintings

    author/composer, new media

  • Sonja de Boer

  • Sony


  • Sony Music Entertainment

    label, record company

  • Sony/ATV Music Publishing | The Netherlands

    TV/Film, publisher

  • Sorted Management

    artist management agency

  • Soundbase

    artist, production company

  • Soundsright

    music agency, author/composer

  • SoundTrack_Cologne

    festival, production company, TV/Film

  • Soundwise

    production company, author/composer, record company

  • Spijkervet Music


  • Spitfire Audio

    software developer, author/composer

  • Stephen Emmer BV

    consultancy, artist, author/composer

  • Studio Akkerman

    author/composer, artist

  • Studio Boeke

    artist, author/composer, TV/Film

  • Studio De Keuken / Dangerous Kitchen Music

    Music & Sounddesgn

  • Studio Hagelslag |

    music production, author/composer, artist

  • Studio Merlijn Snitker

    author/composer, production company

  • Studio van Bart

    TV/Film, author/composer

  • Studio22

    Mix engineer & Artist Developer, consultancy

  • Submarine

    production company

  • SyncBlu

    sync agency, record company, publisher

  • SyncFix Music Research

    Music Research

  • Talents for Brands

    author/composer, production company, digital media

  • Talents for Brands

    online community for musical talents

  • Ted Loch

    author/composer, artist, TV/Film

  • The Innovation Station

    broadcasting company, digital media, video

  • The Missing Sync

    publisher, production company

  • The Opposites


  • The Solos

    music agency, label, publisher

  • Thomas music

    author/composer, artist

  • Tjeerd Nijhof Media Music

    author/composer, media, TV/Film

  • Tom Schipper

    TV/Film, author/composer, media

  • Tremolo Music Publishing


  • Tremolo Music Publishing / Herbert Place Studios

  • TRJ Music

    artist, author/composer

  • Trobi Music

    artist, DJ, author/composer

  • tvnoisemusic


  • Un Limited

    Strategy, digital media, rights organisation

  • Universal Music Publishing | UMG The Netherlands

    record company, publisher, author rights organisation

  • VaVaVoom! Music

    music production company, author/composer

  • VPRO

    radio, TV/Film, digital media

  • WAIS

    artist management agency

  • Warner Bros. Pictures

    TV/Film, PR organisation

  • Warner/Chappell Music

    Synchronisation, publisher

  • Warner/Chappell Music | The Netherlands



    production company

  • Young Wolf Productions

    author/composer, production company

All rights reserved