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BAM! Presents: Digital Revolution in TV and Radio - and the Music Revenue Model of the Future

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What might the business model of the future look like when 5 or 10 years from now, there is no longer any linear television or radio, with all channels broadcasting only via the internet? What do Buma/Stemra and Sena think about this? And how do producers and publishers see that vision of the future impacting on them? The aim of the panel is to map out the challenges of the future for rights holders and to examine how we can best respond to this. Nobody knows exactly what the future will bring but we can prepare ourselves for a further shift to online distribution.


Tjeerd Bomhof (Songwriter, boardmember BAM!, NL)


Tjeerd has put out records and played shows with his indierockband Voicst, solo project Dazzled Kid and hiphop duo Dazzled Sticks. He’s also a prolific songwriter and producer, helping out artists, filmmakers and brands all over the planet with music and lyrics for their projects. As a founding member of BAM!, the Dutch Songwriters Society that keeps an eye out for the interests of a new generation of composers, he tries to stay on top of the latest trends in (music) business and technology.

Markus Bos (CEO, Sena, NL)


During his entire career Markus Bos has been active in de Media and Entertainment industry. After his graduation in Communication Science from the University in Nijmegen he started as a management trainee at VNU (United Dutch Publishers) focusing primarily on contract publishing. Subsequently he has held various management positions at Roto Smeets De Boer, at that time one of the leading independent full service printing companies in Europe. During this period he successfully completed the Executive MBA program at the University of Rotterdam. Markus was appointed to Managing Director of United Broadcast Facilities in 2006, leading the television services provider through the transition from tape-based to fully digital HD workflows. Since 2011 Markus is Chief Executive of Sena, the Dutch Music Licensing Company representing the interests of 25.000+ performers and producers, and Board member of the trade organizations VOICE in The Hague and SCAPR in Brussels.

Wim van Limpt (CEO, Buma/Stemra, NL)


On June 15, 2016 Wim van Limpt was named as the new CEO at Buma/Stemra. Buma/Stemra is the copyright organization of authors and music publishers in the Netherlands and represents the interests of its members worldwide. Van Limpt has been with Buma/Stemra since 2007 and in the last five years he was active as manager of the Member Service Department and General Licensing Department. While serving as manager he developed and implemented a new work process for the department, which resulted in an ECCS certification; a European quality standard for customer contact centers. In year 2015, Van Limpt received the Custom Contact Manager of the Year Award by the professional association of contact centers (CCMA) for his distinguished working methods and the Member Service Department's achievements. Wim is a Board of Directors member at many organizations and in addition to that he has also given numerous keynote speeches around the world about the latest insights and important trends & developments in the music industry (i.e. Blockchain and artificial intelligence).

Niels Walboomers (Managing Director Sony/ATV Music Publishing Benelux, NL)

  Niels Walboomers founded Walboomers Music, a record store & music distributor in Amsterdam in 1996, together with his brother Marc. By operating in niche markets (Hip Hop, Reggae, and Latin) Walboomers found its niche. The first chart success came with Beenie Man’s “Who Am I” & Sean Paul’s “Gimme The Light”. The brothers started a record & music publishing company to sign artists & writers directly. The first signing on Walboomers was Aventura. “Obsesión” was an immediate success throughout Europe. More successes followed among which Dutch Iconic hip hop act Lange Frans & Baas B can be found scoring 2 national no.1 songs. In 2010 Walboomers Publishing made its first US top 40 hit with Afrojack’s “Take over Control”. In September 2010 Walboomers became managing director of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Niels still owns Walboomers Publishing, is board member at Buma Stemra and chairman of the Dutch Music Publishers Association (NMUV).


Rita Zipora (Songwriter, board member BAM!, NL)


Rita Zipora is a songwriter, musician and moderator. She released two well-reviewed solo-albums and toured the country with her band. Rita Zipora graduated in 2016 from her master studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with a thesis on copyright in the digital domain. She holds a chair in the Council of Members of Buma/Stemra, is a board member of BAM! (Beroepsvereniging voor Auteur-Muzikanten), and works as a moderator and speaker on copyright, music and entrepreneurship on international events and conferences. Apart from writing her own music, Zipora has been co-writing tracks with many other artists and has written several songs for musical-productions and commercials.