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Music Is Like Glue

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Culture is, at root, simply what people are talking about in terms of the films they've seen, the clothes they just bought or the music they love. Culture, like a brand, is a living, breathing entity that adapts to technological and societal changes, and for brands to remain relevant, they too must attune themselves to current culture in order to help consumers navigate their way through these seismic changes. Music is a big part of that culture because it is big and influential, which is why brands find it so very interesting and useful. When companies want consumers to be emotional about their brands and to connect in an "authentic" way, music is the glue which makes that happen. This panel will look at both sound branding and brand partnerships, as well as the use of music in the digital world. These partnerships, if done well, truly can shape culture. But how should we work with each other ethically and effectively? This panel will bring together representatives from a sound branding agency, an advertising agency and the media to look at the unique and unfolding opportunities for music in collaboration and partnership with brands, ad agencies and marketers.

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Deniz Alkac (Bruut Amsterdam, NL)


Still in his mid-twenties, but already exceptionally experienced: Deniz Alkac is the executive producer and managing director of Bruut Amsterdam.
Dropped out of school and fulltime working since the age of 16, he started his career at the Dutch national broadcasters private talent program 'BNN University', combining it with a two-weekly new media-related column in one of Hollands leading newspapers 'NRC Handelsblad'.
Only at the age of 17, Deniz got accepted to Radio 538's (Hollands #1 hit radio station) private talent-program. But he didn’t stay there very long, because being at the summit of old media, he became fully aware of the shifting from traditional media to new media. He had to be part of this and started Bruut Amsterdam.
One of the first projects he took on was the development and production of one of Holland’s very first YouTube campaigns back in 2013. Ever since Bruut Amsterdam has grown into a leading branded video content agency servicing agencies, brands, networks and publishers.

Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock (Pi Studios, NL)


Ravi is an award-winning entertainment executive. He is an ex-commissioner for Channel 4, and set up and ran video departments at Dazed Media and i-D (VICE Media). He specialises in pop culture-focused entertainment having executive produced hundreds of documentaries and films for Channel 4, Dazed, VICE Media and i-D and a host of brands. He has also created shows such as Channel 4’s Music Nation and TV strands such as Random Acts. He has produced work with a host of talent including FKA twigs, Mount Kimbie, James Franco, Björk, Nile Rodgers, Marina Ambramobiv, Grace Neutral, Willow Smith and many more.
Pi Studios is an entertainment company that connects stories and talent to alternative sources of funding and distribution – helping create maximum impact in the digital and social age. It is an enthusiastic supporter of ideas that move the world forward.

Jan Willem Klein Willink (BLCKBRD Sound Branding, NL)


After graduating from the University of Twente he worked subsequently at Hewlett-Packard, Nike and Heineken. After his career at Heineken he worked in the radio broadcasting industry as director of Arrow Jazz FM and program manager at Digital Radio+. He started BLCKBRD Sound Branding together with Mathijs Duringhof to further develop and explore the strength of the power of sound for brands.

With BLCKBRD Sound Branding sound is taken on a brand-identity oriented view so that the use of branded audio across all customer touchpoints will make a brand recognizable and memorable. It is known that consistent use of sound and sound logos is beneficial for marketing campaigns and brands. Besides that, the increasing number of brand-touchpoint as well as many new developments in and around voice ask for a consistent and coherent sound. BLCKBRD works for brands like Basic-Fit, Ketel One Vodka, Euro Hockey League, LeasePlan and Baileys.

Jan Willem holds a Business degree at the University of Twente and is a visiting professor at the Hogeschool Utrecht (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht) and Radboud University Nijmegen. His hobby and voluntary work also reveals his passion for sound playing saxophone in different bands and being active in organizing the Loosdrecht Jazz Festival.


Frank Janssen (Striped Elephant, NL)


Frank Janssen has worked in various disciplines in the music industry. Starting at the record store and local radio station to music journalist to eventually become editor-in-chief of the trade publication Entertainment Business. After his period as marketing manager at Sony Music, he started his own communication company and became teacher entertainment marketing at the Hogeschool Utrecht. In 2007 he returns to Entertainment Business and starts with the new trade publication EB Live for the live entertainment industry. At the beginning of 2014, Janssen makes his transfer to Buma/Stemra to become Head of Communications & PR until the end of 2017. In 2018, he and two partners start the content marketing agency Striped Elephant, which works for various clients in and outside the entertainment industry.