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Max de Wolf

  • Organization: HALAL
  • Country: NL

Max de Wolf discovered the world of film on the sets of De Marathon (2012, Diederick Koopal) and Borgman (2013, Alex van Warmerdam). In his third year of the Dutch Film Academy he did an internship at Pupkin where he worked on We Will Never Be Royals (2015, Mees Peijnenburg) which won a 'Gouden Kalf' (Dutch academy awards). Besides his studies at the Dutch Film Academy (class of 2016) Max also makes video clips for Jungle By Night, Gers Pardoel, The Opposites and Ronnie Flex. Max has been employed by HALAL for two years now. He is part of the 'fiction-team' and is involved in the development and production of shorts, features and TV series.