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Danielle Guirguis

  • Organization: Smarthouse Films
  • Country: NL

Founder and owner of Smarthouse Films. With a background in marketing she was responsible for the marketing & pr for Paul Verhoeven's Zwartboek. Growing into the world of feature film production she was an executive producer on Reinout Oerlemans' Komt een Vrouw bij de Dokter and Antoinette Beumer's De gelukkige Huisvrouw and produced Maria Peters' De groeten van Mike and Dave Schram's Razend and Spijt. She is always looking for new ways to expand her passion for filmmaking. After launching the commercial side of Smarthouse, there is no stopping Miss Guirguis. But when shit does hit the van, she just needs to vacuum clean a room or two and she's good to go again.