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Workshop by Future Phonic Studios & Abbey Road Institute: Sound for Virtual Reality

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3D audio concepts have been around for decades, interest in 3D audio has only really resurfaced recently due to the emersion of new immersive formats for cinema and the advent of Virtual Reality. Major advances in gaming technologies, such as cost-effective head-tracking and immersive visual headsets have paved the way for commercially viable virtual reality to be delivered to the individual. Now, consumers finally have the opportunity to experience new gaming, cinematic and social media experiences with truly immersive and interactive 3D audio and video content. Whether you’re a novice, audiophile, or a seasoned professional in the field of VR, the event brings together Grammy-nominated and leading industry professionals who will provide you with a valuable introduction to our educational programme, delving into the techniques and tools necessary for a truly immersive 3D audio production in cinematic, documentary, commercial, musical, game-based & room-scale VR experiences. This 2-hour interactive lecture and discussion will also provide attendees with the opportunity to sign up for an in-depth 2-day workshop in Amsterdam organised by Future Phonic Studios and Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam. The programme will include lectures at the legendary Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum and hands-on practical exercises, examples, demos, and listening sessions in a state-of-the-art recording studio at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam.


Richard Burki (Founder & General Manager at Future Phonic Studios, NL)


Richard is the founder of Future Phonic Studios – a production agency crafting bespoke sound & music, custom-tailored for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality & 3D media formats. Future Phonic Studios was established to bridge the gap between sound & vision in these emerging mediums by educating and demonstrating the potential of 3D sound and music to the creative minds that will be responsible for the next generation of immersive experiences.

David Miles Huber
(4x Grammy-nominated musician & producer and author of "Modern Recording Techniques", US)


David has been pioneering music and alternative-media projects for over 20 years in surround and more recently in immersive 9.1 formats. His most prominent book “Modern Recording Techniques” is the standard recording industry text worldwide. He also teaches audio production in workshops across the globe and provides a short “Intro to Audio Recording” class as part of the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.

Tom Pearce
(Director of Operations at FLIP Entertainment, UK)


Tom began work as a studio engineer in London during the 70s with a number of major recording artists. Touring and recording with the likes of Elton John, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck and eventually serving as Elton’s private engineer and producer for nearly two decades. In addition to teaching at various SAE campuses Tom has developed content for TV, managed international live productions and produced several upcoming artists whilst creating sound-design, composing and licensing music for games.

Robin Reumers (Director of Education at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam, NL) 


Robin is an audio engineer and the Director of Education for the Advanced Diploma in Music Production & Sound Engineering at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam, director and product developer at his software plug-in company: Leapwing Audio and chief engineer at Sonic City Studios.
Robin was the CTO at Galaxy Studios in Belgium for 7 years during which he was responsible for the expansion of the studios and their technical maintenance in an increasingly digital era, ensuring that Galaxy Studios remained at the cutting edge of immersive audio production.