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The Art of Teamwork with Alex Simu, Boudewijn Koole, Gys Zevenbergen

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Composer, Gouden Kalf (Dutch Film Award) and Buma Award winner Alex Simu, editor Gys Zevenbergen and director Boudewijn Koole worked together on the movie 'Verdwijnen' / 'Disappearance', which is not in itself particularly unusual. But Simu is not a regular composer, so how did the process work, what was the role that each took and who made the final decisions? What did they discover about the process of sharing creative input and artistic responsibility from the experience, and, most importantly, would they do it again?


Alex Simu (Composer, NL)


Alex is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed clarinetist, saxophonist, and composer. Born in Romania, Simu followed a music education from a young age. In pursue of an international music career, he moved to the Netherlands at age 22, where he began his studies at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen, obtaining a Bachelor degree in Jazz Saxophone, followed by a Masters degree from the Amsterdam Conservatory. In 2007 he received an HSP Huygens scholarship to study at the Manhattan School of Music in New York. In 2008 he was awarded the First Prize of the Utrecht Holland Casino Jazz Contest. The same year he won first prize of the Dutch Jazz Competition at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, and in 2009 was awarded with the EBU jazz scholarship, and became a member of the European Jazz Orchestra for the project Swinging Europe lead by Peter Herbolzheimer. After completing his studies, Alex Simu co-founded the Dutch-based quartet Arifa. Also a film music composer, Alex Simu has worked since 2010 on a great number of award-winning international film productions. In 2016, he was awarded with the Golden Calf by the Dutch Film Academy for the Best Music of Beyond Sleep. Since 2015, Simu is Head and Professor of clarinet within the jazz and world music departments of the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam.

Boudewijn Koole (Director and Creative Producer, Witfilm, NL)


Boudewijn (1965) is a Dutch film director. Started out as documentary maker, he made his first fiction film in 2012: Kauwboy (Little Bird), that immediately became the Dutch entry for the Oscars. His second film Beyond Sleep (2016 was the opening film at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and has won him various awards, including a 'Gouden Kalf Award' (the most important prize in Dutch Cinema) for direction. Disappearance (2017) was elected best film at the festival Les Arcs by French film critics. His dance film Off Ground (2013) won Koole several awards nationally and internationally as well. Currently, Koole is working on his second wordless film Meis, again with choreographer Jakop Ahlbom, but this time it is of feature length, and he is working on an adaptation of Hokwerda’s Kind by Dutch novelist Oek de Jong. In addition to being a filmmaker, Koole owns production company Witfilm together with Iris Lammertsma, where he is creative producer.


Frank Janssen (Striped Elephant, NL)


Frank Janssen has worked in various disciplines in the music industry. Starting at the record store and local radio station to music journalist to eventually become editor-in-chief of the trade publication Entertainment Business. After his period as marketing manager at Sony Music, he started his own communication company and became teacher entertainment marketing at the Hogeschool Utrecht. In 2007 he returns to Entertainment Business and starts with the new trade publication EB Live for the live entertainment industry. At the beginning of 2014, Janssen makes his transfer to Buma/Stemra to become Head of Communications & PR until the end of 2017. In 2018, he and two partners start the content marketing agency Striped Elephant, which works for various clients in and outside the entertainment industry.