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Book presentation: You Shoot, I Score!

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Karl Heortweard will present his book You Shoot, I Score! - de survivalgids voor mediacomponisten in Nederland - (a survival guide for media composers in the Netherlands). It's targeted at aspiring composers and musicians as well as professionals seeking to branch out or cross national borders. For this book he interviewed over 30 composers and industry professionals from the Dutch and international film, TV, game and other media industries. He will share the results of these interviews, together with an overview of the book and how it might help you. It is intended to give you enough information, plus the tools and mindset, to get started as a music professional for film, TV, games and more!


Karl Heortweard (Composer, NL)


Karl is a composer for film and TV. He graduated as Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of the Arts in the Netherlands, but learned composing for film and other media in Stockholm. He started off composing for theatre, games, commercials and numerous short films. In 2015 he wrote additional music and assisted Floris Verbeij with the theatrical film 'Hallo Bungalow', soon followed by 'Rokjesdag' in 2016. In 2017 he garnered credits on international feature films that got great reviews at film festivals worldwide – the Albanian film 'Elvis Walks Home' and an award-winning Indian art-house film 'Love and Shukla', screened in Busan, Palm Springs and Seattle.