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TV Promo’s: Sync's New Best Friend

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From Game of Thrones to True Detective, television drama continues to produce content previously only available in the cinema; consequently production values (and budgets) are increasing exponentially. Alongside that, the huge audiences that tune into sporting events are enticed by sporting moments where music is a key element in generating drama. These days TV promos, and their associated music feel more like cinematic trailers than ever. They are epic, nuanced, and huge in scale and ambition. Add to this the fact that a prime-time promo can be repeated thousands of times before a show airs, and suddenly the value, exposure and revenues that music in TV Promos can generate make them the hottest tickets in sync.


Peter Bradbury (Head of Music, Sky, UK)


Peter's first career was as a songwriter and performer in the 1990’s. He lives in London and has worked in the UK broadcasting industry for the last 18 years specialising in music rights. His career has included stints at ITV and the BBC where he was responsible for all music licensing agreements before becoming Head of Rights for the BBC World Service. Peter joined Sky Television as Head of Music in January 2013.


Mark Gordon (Founder, Score Draw Music, UK)


Score Draw Music is a multi-award winning composition company working in film, television, advertising and animation. The last 12 months have seen the company win the Royal Television Society award for best music for their work with Dolly Parton on the pre-school animation ‘Lily’s Driftwood Bay’. The company also has co-written the title music for the US box office number one film, Tyler Perry's ‘Boo 2’ , and contribute music to the multi-Oscar nominated Guillermo Del Toro film ‘The Shape Of Water’. Alongside this the company’s current slate of work includes music and songs for an 80 part series for PBS America, all music for a 52 part series for Disney, feature documentary score work for BBC and Channel 4, and ongoing music for a range of global brands.