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Publicity - The Ins and Outs with White Bear PR's Thomas Mikusz

English spoken - workshop

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In this workshop Mikusz will show you the tools you need to create your own PR. He will also talk about when it’s the right time to hire a publicist, as well as how to benefit from publicity without hiring a PR firm. Because so many composers are suspicious of self promotion, and consequently dread social media and creating an online presence, he will reveal how you can make networking fun by turning it into an authentic experience. In other words, how can you make it about storytelling, collaboration and a productive experience in order to share your music and talent with the world? This workshop will not only offer plenty of practical advice, but also address the underlying mindset of promotion. White Bear Public Relations specialises in PR for composers, music supervisors, foreign film, and film and music festivals around the world. It was founded by Chandler Poling and Thomas Mikusz in 2011, sparked by a vision for a different, more personal approach to PR in the entertainment industry.


Thomas Mikusz (Publicist, White Bear PR, US)


Originally from Vienna, Mikusz has used his European connections to bring international acclaim to his clients.  He has represented composers at major Film Festivals, such as Berlinale, Festival de Cannes, Sundance and Tribeca Film Festival. He is currently the US publicist for SoundTrack_Cologne, Hollywood in Vienna, Synchron Stage Vienna, and Hollywood Music Workshop. He also recently worked on the Babylon Berlin Premiere.