BMIM Presents: Adidas and Red Bull: A Brand’s Guide to Bands

You can find us at Eurosonic Noorderslag with a panel about sync and partnerships with brands. London and Barcelona-based music consultancy Record-Play has worked in music licensing for over fifteen years, brokering literally thousands of deals in that time, working for Google, Adidas and many other major consumer brands. Yet despite the increasing importance to the music industry of sync income, Record-Play's staff are still often struck by how little many musicians and rights holders know about their side of the industry. This is why they've produced 'A band’s guide to brands, and a brand’s guide to bands', a publication that aims to educate both music makers and music users on how to work with each other ethically and effectively. We’ve invited Daniel Cross (Global Music Manager Adidas and owner of Record-Play) to give us insights into what ‘the other half’ are thinking on both sides of licensing deals. Together with Red Bull this panel will primarily look at the unique and unfolding opportunities for music in collaboration and partnerships with brands, ad agencies and marketers. When? January 18, 12-1pm.