Nederlands Film Festival - Matchmaking

We are delighted to be able to announce that for a second year we’re part of The Dutch Film Festival through a matchmaking session. Together with NFF we have created a special session between Dutch music companies, composers, and producers on the one hand, and the Dutch film industry on the other. Want to join us? Please sign up via before September 7th. Places are on a first come, first served basis, so hurry! We have ten spots and will schedule 10 to 15 minute sit downs. We will send you a list of who’s coming in advance, so that you can prepare for the meetings. 
Date: September 27th (same day as the Junkie XL Masterclass and meet & greet)
Location: Stadsschouwburg, Lucasbolwerk 24, 3512 EJ Utrecht
Time: 11.00 - 13.00

Please note: you don’t have to be registered for the conference.

Extra Matchmaking: Script & Score

The film is in production, the script is signed off, but there's no composer yet! During NFF we are organising meetings between composers and director/producer duos for projects in production but where a composer has still not been chosen. The projects are ‘Kung Fu Leeuw’ from director FroukjeTan & producer Sabine Veenendaal (Submarine) and ‘Hiernamaals’ from director Willem Bosch & producer Felix van Gisbergen (Pupkin). See our website for more information and the synopsis. Want to be involved in one of those projects as a Dutch composer? Sign up and choose which project you’re interested in. The director will choose a scene, for which the composer has to prepare a demo based on the director’s notes. The composers then pitch what they have done, and the director/producer-duos interview each composer in order to evaluate the artistic integrity of the music presented to them. It is then the composer’s job to convince the director/producer that they can be trusted to compose the original music for the film.
Please note: this is a get-to-know-each-other session, there is no guarantee that you’ll be working on the project, BUT THERE IS DEFINITELY A CHANCE! So it's worth being involved!
To wrap up:
What? Script & Score
How? Sign up via 
before September 7th and together with NFF we will select three composers per project to prepare two samples based on the script and the director’s notes and then to pitch those. 
When? The pitching will take place on September 27th, from 11.00 - 13.00 (please note: you won’t be able to attend the other matchmaking)
Where? Stadsschouwburg, Lucasbolwerk 24, 3512 EJ Utrecht


Hiernamaals (in Dutch)

Een familiefilm over de prijs van geluk. Na de dood van haar moeder heeft Sam (14) de zorg van haar twee broertjes op zich genomen. Als ze zelf na een ongeluk in het Hiernamaals belandt en er achter komt dat ze haar leven over kan doen, besluit ze alles op alles te zetten om de dood van haar moeder te voorkomen. 
Scenario en regie: Willem Bosch, producent: Pupkin, omroep: BNN-VARA

Kung Fu Lion

A Taoist ‘coming of age’ story which unveils the multi cultural world of a Kung Fu school in Rotterdam. Where hot tempered Tom (13) is chosen by his Kung Fu master to dance in the back of a Chinese lion, behind new pupil Yeye who is placed in the head, Tom’s envy leads him away from the leading position he desperately wants to regain. Scenario and director: Froukje Tan, producer: Submarine.