Seven Television Series with Amazing Soundtracks

Some say the Netflix series Peaky Blinders has the best soundtrack ever! That’s why we focus on the music in this gang drama in our keynote talk at #BMIM2017 in two weeks. Check our speaker's favorite soundtracks or theme songs from other recent television series here:

Recent highlights have to include the ‘Narcos' series, which were a fascinating exploration of the specific region's music, executed magnificently in certain key scenes. Honourable mention goes to the BBC's Trip To Italy as well. And an all time favourite scene is Phil Collins 'In The Air Tonight' in the Miami Vice pilot episode - if you don't know it, seek it out!
Toby Williams (Leland Music) 

I loved the Clark soundtrack for the 'Sky' series The Last Panthers-minimal, electronic, haunting, and attached to a director who used it sparingly.
Mark Gordon (Score Draw Music)

My very favourite is the theme song to 'Narcos' called "Tuyo" by Rodrigo Amarante. Modern day classic.
Dickon Hinchliffe (Peaky Blinders)

The usage of music in Peaky Blinders is brilliant and the True Detective opening song from The Handsome Family - Far From Any Road.
Léon Noordzij (Intermission Films)

The Knick' music by Cliff Martinez
Pirke Bergsma (Pirke Productions)

The soundtrack of HBO's 'Rome' series!
Francois Pachet (CSL Research Lab Paris)

I love the opening track of 'Chef's Table'; Vivaldi - Winter, The Four Seasons recomposed by Max Richter. This is a sync that fits perfect to the images and to the atmosphere of the serie; A combination of something classy, intense and full of passion. Although this famous piece has been used a lot of times they’ve managed to make it their own. They created the perfect soundtrack for any gastronomic meal. When I walk into a fancy restaurant or even just think about it, I instantly hear this song playing in my mind.
Ilana Goldstoff (Sizzer)

What is your favorite soundtrack or theme song from a recent television series?