Confirmed speakers include music supervisor Amelia Hartley and former Tindersticks guitarist Dickon Hinchliffe, who both worked on the highly successful Netflix/BBC TV series Peaky Blinders. We will also be focusing on scoring movie trailers, specifically those from Justice League, Daredevil, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Avengers, with the people who worked on the projects. These include composer Andre Ettema, sound designer Allert Aalders and composer Paul Deetman.
Alongside that, we'll be looking at how Artificial intelligence is beginning to make real and credible music. In June, Google shared a machine-generated track created as part of its Project Magenta, and Brian Eno launched a new video that uses A.I. to accompany his 2016 album The Ship. Now, researchers at Sony have unveiled a pair of songs composed through A.I. using the company’s Flow Machines software. One, titled “Daddy’s Car,” is in the style of the Beatles, and Sony CSL Research Laboratory is releasing an album next year of songs entirely written by artificial intelligence. Representatives from the company will reveal everything about the project at BMIM 2017. More speakers are to be announced shortly as Buma Music in Motion once again brings together the very best talents in the creative industries.

Allert Aalders studied sound synthesis with Ernst Bonis at the Utrecht School of Arts in the early 90’s. He was a founding member of techno act Human Beings in the mid 90’s. In the 2000’s he started as sound engineer at Utrecht’s Tivoli venue, toured as front of house mixer with acts like Epica, Nobody Beats the Drum and especially Berlin’s techno-punk god T.Raumschmiere.
In 2012 he founded Sonar Traffic with Ben Spaander (Cosmic Force). With over 50 mostly vintage synths this is the ultimate synth geek playground, located in Kytopia in the old Tivoli venue in Utrecht. Each year during the Studio Stekker festival Kytopia and Sonar Traffic turn into an electronic music summer camp.
In 2016 Sonar Traffic pooled their resources with the Solos to work on sound design for media and software, using our vast array of synths and modular systems.

Allert Aalders

André Ettema

André is founder of The Solos, a company with offices in Amsterdam and Los Angeles, specialising in music and creative sounddesign for movie trailers and advertising campaigns.
Recent credits include the blockbusters Justice League, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and TV spots for British Airways, Nike and Audi.

Prior to The Solos, André collaborated on records for a diverse range of artists - most notably Tom Holkenborg (a.k.a. Junkie XL) as audio designer and synthesizer programmer. In 2006 André started AME Music, an Amsterdam based company that specialised in music and creative sounddesign for film, advertising and trailers.
AME Music’s portfolio included work for Native Instruments, EA Games, Lexus and Citizen amongst others. AME Music was dissolved into The Solos in early 2016.

Paul is a Dutch composer who is specialized in games and movie trailers. His recent credits include the scores for the movie trailers of Justice League, Daredevil, Creed and Deliver Us The Moon to name a few. Paul will explain why and how he uses Ableton Live for his productions and shows a movie-trailer composition breakdown in layers, creative work and arrangement and how to make trailer music video-editor ready e.g. how to bounce your projects, groups, stems and packaging. Paul Deetman is business partner in The Solos a new collective of independent producers and music makers with offices in Los Angeles and Amsterdam. He is also a partner in KeokeN Interactive (a game developer) and one half of the acclaimed dance duo Huminal.

Paul Deetman

Dickon Hinchliffe

Dickon’s unique style of composition and arrangements developed from his classical study of the violin and song writing and recording in bands. A multi-instrumentalist - guitar, violin, banjo, piano - he is a founder member of the British band Tindersticks with whom he wrote orchestral arrangements, recorded numerous albums and toured worldwide.

He began scoring films when French director Claire Denis asked Tindersticks to write the music to two of her films and following this he scored her acclaimed film Vendredi Soir. Dickon then went on to score both American and British films beginning with the Grand Jury Prize winning Sundance film Forty Shades of Blue in 2004 for Ira Sachs. He recently completed his third collaboration with Sachs on the Deauville Gran Prix winning film Little Men.

Amelia Hartley

Amelia has been the Music Supervisor at Endemol UK for over 10yrs and is responsible for all music use across the group, including all licensing, blanket agreement negotiation, commissioning and publishing. She has been music supervisor on the iTunes Festival, Vodafone Music Live Awards, Big Brother series 1-10, Party in the Park, The Brit Awards, UK Music Hall of Fame, The Pepsi Chart Show, The Orange British Academy Film Awards as well as many others. She has music produced Fame Academy I & II, Comic Relief Does Fame Academy I, II and III and the One and Only for the BBC.

Daniel Kuypers

Daniel Kuypers is a 17 year music industry veteran who has been producing music for brands for the past 9 years. Prior to joining Energy BBDO to start and run the music department, he was at Music Dealers, where he led the creative department focusing on the Coca Cola account, working on multiple award winning campaigns. Getting his start as a musician, and establishing EV Productions & EV Records, an umbrella of Chicago’s most well respected indie labels, distribution companies and recording studios, Daniel released over 100 records across three labels and toured the globe as a DJ and performer.

As the Director of Music at Energy BBDO Daniel works with internal teams and clients to use music in new, innovative ways while creating value for both the artist and the client. Daniel’s duties include music supervision, music strategy, partnerships, licensing, negotiation, editing, writing and final music production for a varied roster of clients including PepsiCo, Wrigley, Bayer, SC Johnson and more.

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