Buma Music in Motion at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2020

When companies want consumers to connect in an authentic way, music is the only medium that makes that happen. Tony Chocolonely, G-Star RAW, Air France, Yves Saint Laurent and PLUS Supermarkten endorse that, so BMIM invited them to share their ideas in a few panel sessions about music- and brand partnerships.

I'm With the Brand: G-Star RAW, Yves Saint Laurent, Tony's Chocolonely

When music partnerships are well executed, they offer brands a powerful way to push the buttons of their target audience on a profound and enduring emotional level. And when companies want consumers to connect in an "authentic" way, music is the only medium able that makes that happen. Symbiotic or mutually beneficial relationships between music and brands have been happening ever since the power of a genuine partnership was first recognised, but these days, thanks to the rise of experiential marketing, brands have a more integrated and efficient approach to music partnerships, allowing them to dive deeper into consumer's lives. Throughout the last 20 years, Yves Saint Laurent has found phenomenal success building genuine relationships with artists, and Dua Lipa is the latest act to assume the mantle of musical ambassadorship for one of the world's most iconic brands. In this panel Isabelle Tardieu will tell us more about the partnership, and about the music strategy behind Air France and much more. Since 2016 G-Star RAW is co-owned by Pharrell Williams after working with the brand for two years, and CMO Thecla Schaeffer, the person behind the whole project – now working for Tony’s Chocolonely - will go into greater depth about how to create strategic and targeted partnerships with artists.

Joe Buck and Plus Supermarkten – From TV Commercial to Airplay Top10

Writing a song for a commercial and having it featured in the Airplay Top10 charts for 14 weeks… That’s what happened to Joe Buck with The Way You Take Time! He originally wrote the song for PLUS Supermarkets commissioned by Amp.Amterdam, the company that, together with advertising agency Wunderman Thompson Amsterdam, was responsible for music supervision. In addition Spark Records – Ilse DeLange’s record label – and Universal Music Publishing have played an important part in the run- and follow-up. This panel offers a unique look behind the scenes through the eyes of the artist, the creative directors of the advertising agencies and the marketing managers of PLUS. The panelists will also further address the impact that the song’s hit status has had on the campaign and the brand and other long-term effects.