'5 tips on How to Promote Yourself As a Media Composer'

Running up to BMIM 2020 we will publish a series of tips and tricks by several of our renowned previous speakers for the new generation of media composers. First in the series is White Bear PR’s Thomas Mikusz 5 Tips on How to Promote Yourself As a Media Composer.

- Define yourself as an artist
Define your identity and your brand as a composer. Life and artistry are changing and expanding over time, yet to promote yourself today and to survive a successful music career you have to understand who you are and what kind of music you create.
Who are you as an artist? What kind of music do you compose? What genre and style?

- Have your music available and easily searchable
You are a composer and music is your calling card. I’m often surprised when I search for composers how difficult it is sometimes to find their music. There are so many ways to get your music online: your website, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, or if you have a soundtrack release any of the platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon, etc. As far as having music on your website, I like to simply find the music on the landing page, highlights of your music, something like “The Best of” that sums up your work and in a short period of time shows your best work.

- Have an updated IMDB profile and website
The film and TV industries use IMDB as a major research tool. Make sure you have all your credits listed, a (short) bio that is up to date, and possibly also a headshot. Consider getting an IMDB Pro account which not only gives you more flexibility in updating your personal listing but also allows you to research contacts for filmmakers, agents, and projects in pre-production. You don’t need an elaborate website, but most importantly it should have YOUR MUSIC, YOUR CURRENT BIO, CONTACT INFO, PHOTO, and maybe discography/filmography.

- Connect with filmmakers, producers, editors, etc.
Composers spend so much time isolated in a studio and as far as networking often meet their pals at composer events (which is a great thing to do). But I think it’s super important to meet and connect with other creatives, too. We work in an industry where it’s all about connections and referrals. Get involved and go to screenings, festivals, and networking opportunities with cinematographers, editors, directors, etc. My tip about networking: quality over quantity. Make some real connections, and don’t just go around collecting business cards. Show interest in other people and what they do, and be in it for the long run and not for possible short term results. When you are starting out as a composer meet student directors and do short films. How can you support a young director and their vision?

- Get your work out there and be seen
Submit your work to film festivals, awards (there is the Oscars and then there are also tons of smaller awards), and maybe also submit your work for concert events. Have your name be seen by other industry professionals.