Ellen Zwietering



Around 28,000 composers, lyricists and authors are affiliated to Buma/Stemra. Buma/Stemra ensures that when their creations are used they receive fair remuneration. Buma/Stemra collects these remunerations in other countries around the world via sister organisations. Buma/Stemra also covers the global music repertoire in the Netherlands and collects remuneration for use on behalf of foreign composers, lyricists and authors and transfers this to sister organisations.
Buma/Stemra is also involved in promoting the Dutch music product by organising, financing and subsidising numerous events. These activities are handled by Buma Cultuur. This helps to focus attention on Dutch music productions, both nationally and internationally.
If you have any questions about Buma/Stemra or your rights as a musicmaker, ask Ellen Zwietering!