Frans Bak



Frans Bak graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, but started experimenting with music soon after. This led to his known fusion of classical music, Nordic soundscapes and modern technologies. Frans’ compositions are ambient and atmospheric, creating a dreamy and intense soundscape. With some 30 years music experience of scoring for the film, documentary, TV and advertising industries, Frans has received international recognition for his compositions for Nordic, French, British and American TV series such as Lilyhammer, Doctor Foster and Disparue. A pioneer of the Nordic Noir genre, his music for the internationally acclaimed and immensely popular series The Killing has contributed to setting new musical standards for crime TV and has inspired other composers to apply the "Nordic feel'. In November 2016, the album Sound of North (SON) was released, a combination of new works and a number of Frans’ critically acclaimed compositions. Through eleven tracks, Frans encapsulates the mood of 'his North' both mentally and geographically, presenting its unique spirit and atmosphere; a coolness, a calmness, a mindfulness. Frans is now bringing SON to the live arena – from behind a grand piano, and backed by a string-quartet, Frans’ compositions entice the listener into a land of dreams and film music in their search for evocative sound images. Frans has recently finished the original score on Charlotte Brändström’s latest series Conspiracy of Silence, which has been published by Universal.