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The End of the Internet as We (Didn’t) Know It

Censorship machines! Upload filters! The recently adopted Copyright Directive is one of the most fiercely lobbied pieces of European legislature. It is aimed at setting the record straight for creators and repairing the value gap that was the result of the fact that platforms such as YouTube weren’t obliged to license for the use of this material. Adoption of this legislation means creators now have a better position for negotiations. Other legislature that was adopted, was the update of the SatCab Directive. This legislation enables citizens to receive broadcast content from abroad on over-the-top (OTT) platforms and mobile networks. It is aimed at the modernization of access to online TV and radio services across borders, while ensuring appropriate remuneration for right holders. What will this mean for creators and rights holders in practice and is this really the end of the internet as we know it? Here to enlighten you are Alfredo dos Santos Gil (NPO) and Robbert Baruch (Buma/Stemra).


Alfredo dos Santos Gil (NPO, NL)


Alfredo started as a researcher and lecturer at Utrecht University on (International) Intellectual Property Law and Civil Law. From 2000 he is working as a legal counsel at NPO, the Dutch national public broadcaster. His field of expertise is copyright and neighbouring rights, contract law and related media law topics.

Robbert Baruch (Manager Public Affairs, Buma/Stemra, NL)


Robbert (1967) studied political philosophy, public administration and theology in Leiden and Jerusalem. Since 2012 he is Manager Public Affairs at Buma/Stemra.


Frank Janssen (Founder, Striped Elephant, NL)


Frank Janssen has worked in various disciplines in the music industry. Starting at the record store and local radio station to music journalist to eventually become editor-in-chief of the trade publication Entertainment Business. After his period as marketing manager at Sony Music, he started his own communication company and became a teacher in Entertainment Marketing at the Hogeschool Utrecht. In 2007 he returns to Entertainment Business and starts with the new trade publication EB Live for the live entertainment industry. At the beginning of 2014, Janssen makes his transfer to Buma/Stemra to become Head of Communications & PR until the end of 2017. In 2018, he and two partners start the content marketing agency Striped Elephant, which works for various clients in and outside the entertainment industry.