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The Art of Teamwork: MocroMaffia

Composer and Buma Award winner Martijn Schimmer, Golden Kalf winner and director Giancarlo Sanchez and composer Daniel Polman worked together on very successful series Mocro Maffia, a television crime series about the violent Dutch gang war. Giancarlo’s interest and fondness for youth and popular culture make him a versatile filmmaker that can speak to millennials and any generation that follows them. How does this reflect in the score of Mocro Maffia? How did the process work, what was everyone's role and who made the final decisions? What did they discover about the process of sharing creative input and artistic responsibility from the experience, and, most importantly, would they do it again?


Daniel Polman (Composer, musician, producer, arranger, SMP Amsterdam, NL)


After successfully completing his bachelor studies in composing and music production at the Academy of Arts in 2012, Daniel Polman (1988) started working with Martijn Schimmer at SMP Studio’s that same year. With a passion for movies and series Daniel quickly became the go to guy for most scripted projects at SMP, starting with the very successful youth tv series “Spangas” for which Daniel composed and produced well over seven hundred 5 min episodes and counting. In 2015 Daniel, under the guidance of Martijn Schimmer, composed and produced his first feature film with “Gek van Geluk” and has since joined Martijn on composing the score for multiple film projects. In 2018 his career was on the fast track when SMP received the order to compose music for the VOD series “Mocro Maffia” produced by RTL Productions. Daniel closely collaborated with directors Giancarlo Sanchez and Bobby Boermans in order to create a beautiful score that was in line with the dark and cinematic feel of the series and not without success; season two has already been ordered.

Giancarlo Sanchez (Film Director, 'Horizon', 'Mocro Maffia', 'Ares', NL)


Giancarlo is an Amsterdam based film director. With his film Horizon (2016) he proved he is a very talented and versatile filmmaker. Earning praise with his incredible eye for talent and capturing performances that move you. The film and it’s cast won multiple awards among which the Gouden Kalf best television drama 2016, the Best Feature Drama and Grand Jury Price in Glasgow. In 2017 Giancarlo directed a chapter of the Godforsaken series named Christmas Gift and, in 2018 he completed the highly anticipated series Mocro Maffia. Aside from being a very talent drama director, Giancarlo is a very successful music video and commercials director. In 2018 he was able to take home the Grand Prix and the Lion D’Or Entertainment at the prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for his commercial EVERT_45. Giancarlo is currently working on the first Dutch Netflix original series Ares.

Martijn Schimmer (Composer, musician, producer, arranger & Found SMP Amsterdam, NL)


Martijn (1975) has been composing music for over 20 years. Starting his career composing and producing music for Dutch TV drama series "Westenwind" and Emmy Award winning "Peter R. de Vries – Crime report” he quickly grew to become one of the most successful media composers of the Netherlands. From TV series such as "The Voice", "DWDD", "Nieuwsuur" and "RTL Late Night" to Drama productions as "Zomer in Zeeland" and the critically acclaimed recently released "Mocromaffia" to features "Gek van Geluk", "Onze Jongens" en "Verliefd op Cuba", Martijn and his team can do it all. Today, he’s at the helm of the award-winning music production company "SMP Amsterdam" which houses 8 state of the art studio’s in Amsterdam, and where Martijn leads a team of 8 dedicated audio producers composing, recording and mixing round the clock tunes for TV shows, Movies and Commercials.


Frank Janssen (Founder, Striped Elephant, NL)


Frank Janssen has worked in various disciplines in the music industry. Starting at the record store and local radio station to music journalist to eventually become editor-in-chief of the trade publication Entertainment Business. After his period as marketing manager at Sony Music, he started his own communication company and became teacher entertainment marketing at the Hogeschool Utrecht. In 2007 he returns to Entertainment Business and starts with the new trade publication EB Live for the live entertainment industry. At the beginning of 2014, Janssen makes his transfer to Buma/Stemra to become Head of Communications & PR until the end of 2017. In 2018, he and two partners start the content marketing agency Striped Elephant, which works for various clients in and outside the entertainment industry.