The Potential of Noise

One of the greatest studio engineers and record producers of the 20th century, a world without Conny Plank’s influence on music is unfathomable. Instrumental in shaping the early sound of Kraftwerk, Plank would go on to work with legends such as Neu!, Cluster, DAF and Devo, eventually breaking through to the mainstream with the likes of Ultravox, The Eurythmics, and the legendary Scorpions. Berlin-based music supervisor Milena Fessmann produced The Potential of Noise, a 95 minute documentary that also traces the history of Conny Plank through the viewpoint of the artists he worked with. In 1991 Fessmann founded Cinesong and has worked on more than 200 movies. This Q&A session will look at both Conny Plank and Milena’s work as a music supervisor.