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Tolhuistuin - Tuinhuis

Session: Tech as the Composers Aid

This session is about using technology as a composers aid, or how to use software and AI for your compositional work. The panelists will focus on the composition with artificial intelligence software through evolutionary programming, as well as on the sound aspects with Artefakt guitar-playing software. Are you still with us on this? We know this sounds complicated and it is, but not for the composer. We will present you Aimée, a virtual composition assistant, and Artefakt, a virtual guitar assistant.


Dennis Braunsdorf (Composer and Music Technologist, NL)


Dennis specialises in orchestral and electronic compositions for media, in particular for Hollywood movie trailers like Alien Covenant, Justice League and Godzilla. He developed a music production technique to create a unique sound pallet for each project for which he won the 2014 Buma Music in Motion New Talent Award. With Alexander Mooij he founded the audio technology company Prolody which aims to bridge the gap between humans and technology through sound. Since 2014 he has been studying for a Ph.D. at the Bournemouth University in England. In his research, Dennis scrutinises the impact of self-developed virtual musical instruments on his original musical compositions and the compositional process.

Wout Bremer (Composer and AI Specialist, NL)


Creator of 'Aimée', a virtual AI composer. Wout studied composition at the conservatory of Groningen and wrote music for theatre productions. He holds a MSc degree in biology (genetics) from the University of Groningen. For many years Wout worked on the development of an expert system for computer-assisted composition, before he combined this with a set of genetic algorithms to form 'Aimée'. In his iOS app 'YouCompose', Aimée came to life as an assistant composer to users. But Aimée has ambitions of her own to compose sonatas, fugues and even complete symphonies…