Floris Verbeij


Floris Verbeij (1982) is an Amsterdam based composer and songwriter who has composed for a.o. the National Theatre and various feature films. He has been working as a teacher at the Conservatories of both Utrecht and Amsterdam.

In 2013 Floris created his first album Morse. for ECM’s daughter label Challenge Records, together with bass player Bart Soeters.

In 2016 he composed for Johan Nijenhuis' movie Rokjesdag (Skirt-Day), which was the best selling Dutch movie at the box-office that year. After that, he collaborated with award winning director Jean van de Velde on An Act of Defiance, the compelling and award-winning story of Nelson Mandela’s lawyer, Bram Fischer. This score was nominated for the Buma Best Original Score Award for 2017. Currently, Floris is working on the new drama series Oogappels by Will Koopman and Morten by aforementioned director Jean van de Velde, he is one of the founders of indie pop band LOUISV.