Call for submissions for the Buma Awards music in media categories

Celebrating the very best music in film, television, radio, documentary and advertising The Buma Awards for Music in Media Categories are back for another year at Buma Music in Motion. Submissions can be made until March 10, via the Buma Music in Motion website. Buma Music in Motion will take place on the 21st and 22nd of May, and in order to honour and recognise the most successful music composers across a range of media projects, Buma Awards will be presented during a special event held on May 21st. A panel of highly experienced judges drawn from some of the sector's leading companies will assess each entry before choosing a winner. The expert 20-member jury, which includes celebrated composer Bob Zimmerman, Golden Calf winner Alex Simu and top producer Danielle Guirguis, will determine the winners. Buma Music in Motion also puts new talent in the spotlight each year through the BMIM New Talent Award.

Dutch composers and musicians who compose on commission and who meet the required conditions for entry are now invited to submit their best works from 2018 via the links below to have a chance of winning a Buma Award. The entries must be received by March 10, 2019.

The call for entries is in the following categories: Buma Award Best Radio and Television Imaging | Buma Award Best Original Composition in Documentary, Short Film, Telefilm and Animation | Buma Award Best Sync (in Television, Trailers, Film, Online) | Buma Award Best Original Composition in Television Series | Buma Award Best Original Composition in Advertising | Buma Award Best Sync in Advertising | Buma Award Best Original Composition in Film | BMIM New Talent Award

See our Awards page on this site for detailed information.