Milena Fessmann



Since 1991, Milena Fessmann has worked as a full-time DJ (2001-2014 Radio Eins After Work Lounge, Trompete/Berlin, European Film Awards 2015 etc.) and has worked for various radio sta-tions. Since 1997 she works for Radio Eins/RBB with her own weekly show called "Free Falling". In 1989 she founded CINESONG. Milena Fessmann teaches music supervising and copyright clear-ing at DFFB Berlin and is advisory board member of the World Soundtrack Academy. She founded a film production company called Sugar Town Filmproduction Gmbh & in 2011. The first project is "The Potential of Noise - Conny Plank" by Stephan Plank and Reto Caduff. She is co-producer of "When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit", by award winning director Caroline Link and is co-producer on "Evaluation" and "Girl made of Dust", Director: Hiam Abbass.