Meet the Music Supervisors @ Reeperbahn Festival 2018

Once again Reeperbahn Festival is offering the popular "Meet The Music Supervisors“ match-making/speed dating sessions as part of the official program on September 21st. Interested parties wishing to get their music out into the world of sync and meet top international music supervisors from Germany, UK, the US, and other markets, who work on music for film, ad campaigns and games, now have the chance to apply for this matchmaking session. Normally a spot costs around €350, but we have paid for and reserved two spots for you to join for free. So please register by email to until September 3rd, 2018 and we will draw names from a hat in case there are more candidates.

Confirmed music supervisors are: Annie Colvin, JAX @ Rock Paper Scissors (USA); Milena Fessmann, Cinesong (DE); Annette Gentz, Music & Film Arts (DE); Dan Koplowitz, Friendly Fire Licensing (USA); Chris Mazur, Netflix (USA); Goran Obad, Ohlogy (N); Lena Obara, Sector C (DE); Stephanie Sfeir, Creaminal (F); Duncan Smith, Sony (UK) and Marcel Wiebenga, Sizzer (NL).

The session will take place on September 21st from 10am to 12am during the Reeperbahn Festival and will last approx. 120 minutes. The participants will meet with at least 10 international music supervisors who are always on the look for new music for the various (audiovisual) projects they are working on.