Digital Pitch Event: NL Media Music in LA

Where: online (via NetworkTables)
When: October 6th, 9am (LA time)
What: Digital Pitch Event: Meet 24 Dutch Creators in less than 90 minutes
Why: Fun, Engaging and Effective! Plus, you are the reason why we do this.
Attendees 2020 – 24 NL Music Creators and Composers (see below)

Attendees 2020

An overview of the 2020 attendees in our NL Media Music in LA series.


Djuri Boot
Djuri Boot is a Dutch Film/Media Music Composer specialized in Music for Film, Documentaries and Advertising. Djuri loves story telling and looks for a unique perspective on everything he works on. Always from a very clear concept/vision, most of the time he starts with “pen and paper” and no music, but a musical story that connects with the client's story.
He is always willing to tell stories about the music he created for others over a cup of coffee (or tea).

Arend Bruijn
Arend Bruijn is a Dutch composer specialized in music for film. Each project he finds a unique, musical style to support the story. After graduating as a classical percussionist, he studied Composing for Film at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he became a teacher, and the Dutch Film Academy. Arend's music has received multiple award nominations including the BMIM New Talent Award 2018 and the Best Music for Short Film at the Festival du Film d’Aubagne. He co-developed the ‘Virtual Orchestration’ course at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. This year, Arend started writing and producing trailer music and he also produces symphonic-techno music under the pseudonym: Playground.

Thomas van der Burg
Thomas van der Burg (1995) is a Dutch film and media composer. He attended the Rockacademie in Tilburg from 2014 to 2018 and was an intern for the upcoming Los Angeles-based composer Joep Sporck, assisting him on the feature film "Sinterklaas en het Gouden Hoefijzer". In 2019 he composed the music for Dutch talk show "Jacobine". Now he is working as an independent composer working on various interesting projects, in both the TV, film and commercial sectors.

Richard Burki (Founder & General Manager at Future Phonic Studios)
Richard is the founder of Future Phonic Studios – a production agency crafting bespoke sound & music, custom-tailored for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality & 3D media formats. Future Phonic Studios was established to bridge the gap between sound & vision in these emerging mediums by educating and demonstrating the potential of 3D sound and music to the creative minds that will be responsible for the next generation of immersive experiences.

Jelle Dittmar
Jelle Dittmar, a selftaught composer born and raised in the Netherlands, started with playing the piano at the age of 10.
After listening to some of his favorite musical pieces, he found out that he had the ability to play what he had heard immediately.
He took up piano lessons at the Culture and Arts centre in Emmeloord, but after a year he switched to the synthesiser and started to experiment with the instrument.
He learned how to make music with a computer and started to record his own songs, most of the time fan made soundtracks for film.
After following an online Masterclass by Hans Zimmer and getting positive reactions by various record labels such as Massive and BMG Talpa Records in 2018, he decided to focus on composing for film, TV and games.
In 2019, he started to work for multiple publishers like BMG Production Music, and Velvet Green Music. he also started an internship at the studio of ASCAP Award winning producer and composer Hans van Hemert.

Henri Doeleman
On his fifth birthday Henri got his first instrument and this was an electronic air organ. Around the age of ten he started experimenting with an analog 4 track recorder and soon discovered the Atari 1040st computer to record with MIDI. A new world opened up for him and he wanted to know everything about it. When Henri was 15, he first came into the studio of his teacher Hans Aalbers and Hans told him, he will do this later too. After several wanderings in music, he decided to go to the conservatory in Utrecht HKU (KMT), art media and technology. His hobby became his profession and Henry has been working as an independent entrepreneur for 21 years now and his portfolio has become nice and broad. His dream is to write music for children's films/theater and video games because he loves different styles.

Jarno van Es
His music is not confined to borders, ranging from meditative piano improvisations to soundscapes, pop music and orchestral works. A collage of styles, mixing electronics with acoustics, often integrating digitally processed field recordings and found footage. This results in ethereal realms, abstract textures and contemplative moods where real life and imagination meet.
Thanks to many years of experience in the fields of media, dance, theatre and performing arts, Van Es has the strength and sensitivity to translate any story, idea or atmosphere into music which captivates the audience.

Walter Flapper
Walter Flapper has been working and learning in artist management since 2006. He has guided Noisia into becoming fully independent and globally respected electronic artists. Working on Triple A videogame soundtracks, working with Skrillex, The Prodigy and deadmau5, playing at festivals like Glastonbury, Coachella and Roskilde. All whilst building their jointly owned label, publishing and events business.
Noisia is stopping after 2020, but Walter will still be managing the three members individually. In general, they will be focusing more on making music instead of being touring artists. Walter aims to get them more scoring jobs for videogames and films. He also manages young Dutch talent IMANU and Posij: both firmly rooted in drum & bass but venturing out into other genres like house as well.

Geert van Gaalen, Dangerous Kitchen Music
Geert van Gaalen, born in The Netherlands, started his musical career from the age of 12, playing guitar in various bands, performing live in all major music-venues, meanwhile composing and producing original music. He studied Music Technology at the Academy of the Arts, where he developed a wide range of composition- and production-skills in many styles of music and decided to try master all instead of specializing in one, to be able to adapt and always bring a surprising approach to any kind of project.

Mert Gençer
Mert Gençer, a.k.a. lowkolos, is an award winning Audio Producer, Composer and Sound Designer for media, based in Amsterdam. A multi-instrumentalist and an ambitious sound experimenter, after a string of critically acclaimed professional appearances in the field of spatial augmented reality productions such as the World's biggest 3d mapping show 'Conquest of Istanbul'(2016), he decided to expand his experience in commercials and films. So far, he created audio productions for clients such as Adidas, Samsung, Vodafone, KPN, Fox International Channels.

Daan Hofman
Since 2018 Amsterdam based composer Daan Hofman mainly focuses on composing for film and has written music for 15 short films. Two of his soundtracks were nominated for 'Best Musical Score' on the 48h film projects and he won in Rotterdam.
In September 2019, Daan was admitted to a master's program in Media Composition at Chichester University (UK) and he wrote the music for the BNNVara documentary 'De schrijver, de moordenaar & zijn vrouw', broadcasted on Dutch television. In 2020 he won the BMIM 'New Talent Award', with his orchestral soundtrack to the short film 'Danny & the Wild Bunch' by Robert Rugan.
In addition, it was recently announced that he has won the 2nd prize at the CAIFF with his score for the short film 'I'll Be Here' by Tiffany Murray.

Renger Koning
Since the early 1990’s, Renger has become an Award Winning Composer, receiving numerous nominations and awards in categories ranging from original composition, best soundtrack and mix for clients like Philips and Heineken.
In 2017 he won the Buma Award for best Film score in the Netherlands. Renger has written music in a variety of styles and genres to develop his, “style-less” signature, influenced by Jóhann Jóhannsson, Trent Reznor and Cliff Martinez.
Experimental, orchestral, electronic or soundscapes. “Whatever is needed to make the picture work” is Renger’s main concern. He likes being challenged.

Megan Laan
Megan's role is best described as marrying electronic dance music with moving pictures, leaving everyone saying "I do". Working for dance label and music publisher Armada, she represents a vast catalogue of top tier dance music. As a member of the publishing team she matches a boutique roster of skilled producers with supervisors looking for electronic music for their clients. Armada Music is the biggest independent dance music company in the world with offices in Amsterdam, New York and London. The publishing branch is represented worldwide by a network of independent publishers in all territories. In the end… who doesn’t like to have dance music at their wedding?

Michiel Marsman, Sizzer Amsterdam
Born in Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light District and raised on a steady diet of his writer father’s bebop and free jazz collection, Michiel Marsman is a wildly creative, experienced and multifaceted composer focused on film, television and commercial soundtracks.
In 2009 Michiel became partner and creative director at music agency Sizzer Amsterdam, helping the company become a cutting-edge front runner in the international music and advertising scene. Under his guidance Sizzer won numerous creative awards, such as a Silver awards for best music at the LIA awards and the Ciclope Advertising Craft Festival for music in the global Diesel campaign ‘Fuel for Life Denim Collection’. Clients included Audi, Heineken, Google, Martini and more. He also composed music for several movies, including platinum winning Dutch box office behemoth ‘Bon Bini Holland’, and did the sound design for Academy Award-winning director Steve McQueen’s art-piece ‘Once upon a Time’.
Earlier he studied guitar at the Hilversum and The Hague Conservatory and embarked on a sonic journey that led him from jazz rock to Holland’s first (and probably only) psychedelic-metal-house project to ultra-loud ‘Gabber’ destruction force Dr. Mindfuck, to a decade-long career composing music for clients like Heineken, Adidas and Nike with his company Billinger & Marsman.
All this experience makes Michiel Marsman both a trusted sonic wizard and a highly creative force for any project. While staying involved as executive creative director and partner in Sizzer, Michiel is also focusing on what he loves most – making great music for inspiring projects.

Jelle Neijs
Jelle Neijs is a Dutch composer & sound designer living in The Hague. His work spans original music for trailers and advertising (The Solos, RTL, Disney, Footlocker and more).
He has been awarded a Beatport Award, has collected over 60 million Spotify streams under different aliases and officially remixed pop stars like Beyoncé and Britney Spears.
Together with Bart Revier, Jelle leads the composer, producer and sound design studio 3AM. Under this moniker he created more than 200 sync shows for major music festivals like Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Mysteryland and Defqon.1.

Joshua Petit
Joshua Petit is an Amsterdam based music producer and co-founder at Soundsright. Together with his business partner (Mari Koning) he’s been writing, composing, and producing custom music for brands, agencies, artists, and directors for over 8 years. From powerful soundtracks for intriguing short films to sonic branding for big and small brands. They do this from their Amsterdam based studios, together with our network of talented musicians, vocalists, and songwriters. Fast at pitching, smooth in our communication.

Bart Revier
Bart Revier is a Dutch composer & sound designer living in The Hague. His work spans original music for trailers and advertising (The Solos, RTL, Disney, Footlocker and more).
He has been awarded a Beatport Award, has collected over 60 million Spotify streams under different aliases and officially remixed pop stars like Beyoncé and Britney Spears.
Together with Jelle Neijs, Bart is founder of the composer, producer and sound design studio 3AM. Under this moniker they created more than 200 sync shows for major music festivals like Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Mysteryland and Defqon.1.

Didier de Ruyter
Didier de Ruyter (1991, Breda, Netherlands) is an Amsterdam-based composer for the media and music producer.
He works independently with various agencies in Europe, which so far led him to composing music for intercontinentally broadcasted commercial campaigns of major brands such as, but not limited to: Audi, Adidas, ING, Hunkemöller, Samsung, Vodafone, and the German Football Association. Also, he created the score for a beautiful WeTransfer mini documentary ‘Rambutan’.
In his second year at the Utrecht School of Arts, where he studied music composition and production (grad. 2018), Didier wrote the curriculum for Music Production Academy, a private music production school start-up in Rotterdam. From the young age of only 21, he has been in front of the class lecturing students, something he’s done weekly for 5 years.
Next to this, Didier has been rapidly developing his work for pop artists since 2018, highlight being the Susan H single ‘Thank God’ being placed in the Spotify New Music Friday USA/ Worldwide. He now works on a regular basis with upcoming Dutch hit sensation MEROL.

Bas Veeren
Cr3on gained direct attention with airplay on big Dutch radio stations like 3FM and Radio 2 with the first release of “REMEMBER YOU” on the label Armada of Armin van Buuren.
It was the release on Spinnin’ Records “SHIVER” that generated a lot of support from big DJ’s like Tiesto, Don Diablo, Robin Schultz and Sam Feldt. In 2019 “SHIVER” got used in a US movie and for the trailer of the movie “The Divorce Party”.
What got him really in the spotlight was his hit release “IS IT REALLY LOVE” again on SPINNIN’. Receiving a massive support with basically all the biggest DJ’s around the globe, started as #1 trending track on 1001 Tracklists. It entered Viral Charts and hit more then 30 million streams on Spotify alone, was featured on the A-list dance chart of Apple Music, radio chart entries like the BBC 1 UK dance chart and global radio support.
On top of this success he also won a Buma Award, the most prestigious price for a composer/writer to win in the Netherlands.
While releasing more tracks in 2020 under Cr3on, there’s also focus on the new “Lowlander” alias for some more high energy hiphop /edm productions that suits well for Trailers and Advertising. Some cool collaboration releases with regularly synced Rappers like Vo Williams are coming up this year soon!

Leon Wybenga
Leon Wybenga is a Dutch musician and producer, whose work ranges from film music, singer-songwriter and pop to atmospheric ambient and classical compositions. He started playing piano when he was a child, entered and won the Kunstbende competition in the Netherlands which led up to his admission to the Rockacademy, studying and playing alongside other artists. Then he went abroad to continue teaching as a music teacher in Norway. Inspired by the beautiful fjords and mountains, he decided to commit to writing his own music full time. He currently works as a musician with live improvisation and theatre performances.
In his career as a musician he has developed a great sense for the right type of music for every am-biance in an audience-focused role. As a composer, he writes fitting soundtracks for the correspond-ing character or background. This is also Leon’s biggest personal motivation; finding the perfect mu-sic for every instance.