NFF19 Script & Score

Together with the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) we’re committed to making more and deeper connections between filmmakers and the music sector.

Within the NFF Talent Program, which takes place on September 30, we’re organizing a matchmaking between young creatives. The core idea is that young filmmakers and composers get acquainted with each other’s work. Our hope is that this meet-up will lead to future collaborations and enrich the Netherlands' thriving and innovative audiovisual industries. Together with NFF, we’ve selected five fantastic young composers and five brilliant young filmmakers, check out who they are!


  Bas Bouma
Bas Bouma (1987) composed music for such short films as Dagdromen (NTR Kort! 2018), Meantime (NFF 2015), Frostbitt (Cannes 2014) and Sterk (NFF 2011), animated shorts Beren op de Weg (NFF 2014) and Stupid Monkey (KLIK! 2012) and tv documentary Het Verdriet van Westfriesland (IKON).
He is influenced by electronic and pop music like Radiohead and Massive Attack, as well as film music and contemporary classical music, like Jonny Greenwood, Alfred Schnittke, György Ligeti, Olivier Messiaen, Nico Muhly and Bernard Hermann.
  Stavros Markonis
Born in 1988 and raised in Athens, Stavros Markonis is an award-winning film composer also specializing in composing for television, theater, dancetheater, video games and other music related projects. In parallel he is the lead singer of the electronic heavy rock band "Playgrounded" having released two albums and toured in various countries with them. Since 2015 he is living in the Netherlands having scored 2 feature telefilms, 4 television series, 8 short films, one feature documentary and a theatrical play. Since 2017 he is also a member of the European Film Academy and the European Talent Network.
  Tiny Tiger
Tiny Tiger is an Amsterdam-based composing and producing duo made up of Darius Timmer (1989) and Tessa Rose Jackson (1992). Jackson has been composing for commercials since 2009, through music agency Sizzer Amsterdam. She provide music for large-scale campaigns of (among others) Audi, Ikea, Turkish Airlines and Volkswagen, but her true passion is creating music for narrative film.
In 2017 she composed the score for Ron Goossens: Low Budget Stuntman and in 2019 she wrote two chansons for an episode of Random Shit. She also releases psychedelic pop music under the name Someone, often with Timmer as co-producer. Her song Forget Forgive has been used in independent mini-series Impact and Netflix’s Dear White People.
Timmer has been composing for film since 2012 and has worked together with several young directors, such as Tomas Vroege, David Spearing, Laura Stek and Anais Lopez. He has composed music for shorts, documentaries and feature length films, working with producers like HALAL, Witfilm, NTR and Sizzer. Of these projects two were nominated for a Golden Calf and one won both the DIG Award and Dutch Director’s Guild Award in 2018, though he considers his proudest achievement to be writing several songs in Arabic for full length documentary A Stranger Came To Town, which premiered on IDFA 2017.
  Charley van Veldhoven
Composer and pianist Charley van Veldhoven (1994) is a third year student Composition for the Media at HKU and successfully completed an internship in Los Angeles with film and videogame composer Jeff Rona, where she wrote music for the short film 50/50. She received the Holland Scholarship and a 24 Caraats Award and has been nominated for the Ed Renshaw Award. She is working on releasing an album of her own piano compositions.
  Gijs Knol and Rinkie Bartels
Gijs Knol (1992) is a freelance composer and producer of media music, but is interested in switching to exclusively scoring for film. He wrote the sonic branding for Pointer (KRONCRV), Lidl and the Volkskrant series #fitboymaarten.
Rinkie Bartels (1991) has worked as a music teacher before becoming a documentary filmmaker and editor and composer for media. He wrote music for Heemennekes and Hellehonden by VPRO Dorst and the short film Haaks.
Together they won the BMIM New Talent Award for their work on the new interactive website of the Anne Frank Foundation.

Filmmakers and producers

  Maaike Neve – Producer Haram
Since 2016 Maaike Neve is a junior producer for BIND Film. In 2018 she was selected for the European LIM | Less is More-course as a script editor trainee. During her career at BIND she produced, among other films, the Golden Calf-award winning Jungle and the much praised Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess.
  Rogier Kramer – Producer Waar die Wind Ophou Waai
Producer Rogier Kramer started his career at Dutch Mountain film, of which he is now co-owner since 2019. His first project One of the Boys (2018), which he initiated and realised himself, was nominated for Best Film at Cinekid and selected for the Golden Calf Competition. In 2018 he took part in multiple development programs at film festivals, including Rotterdam Lab during IFFR and the Berlinale Visitors Program.
  Stefanie Kolk – Filmmaker KAT
Stefanie Kolk’s previous films include Clan and KORT! – Harbour, both of which premiered worldwide at the Locarno filmfestival. Her newest film Eyes on the Road also premiered at the festival and was even nominated in the Golden Calf Competition of the Nederlands Film Festival 2019. At the moment Stefanie is working on her first feature film that she got to (partially) develop during Berlinale Talents 2019.
  Milo Cremer Eindhoven – Filmmaker De Laatste Lach
After studying for Director at The Bournemouth Film School in England, Milo Cremer Eindhoven specialised in scenario writing. Next to a job at Submarine Animation he writes for the animation series Dr Panda and his first comic book Going Up In Smoke will release shortly. His drive is his (healthy) obsession with story and his curiosity for telling stories in all forms of media.
  Sacha Kijzers – Filmmaker
Sacha Kijzers is a creative designer with a passion for storytelling. Always interested in the experiences of the outsiders of our society. Sacha has worked with people who are overweight, adolescents who have a hard time choosing a higher education and people passionate about counterculture. At Mierkop’s media projects, Sacha works as creator of ideas, humor-connoisseur and sparring partner for the writer. His enthusiasm and passion for people are his biggest qualities.
  Claudio Montesano Casillas – Filmmaker Lovebird96
Mexican-Italian journalism photographer and filmmaker Claudio Montesano Casillas is experienced in documenting contemporary social issues. His multicultural background sharpened his ability to acknowledge and capture the richness of people and their cultures. At the moment he is developing a handful of projects with writers and producers from around the globe. He got his Master’s Degree at the University of Arts London and his work got published by prestigious newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs and film festivals.
  Willem Timmers – Filmmaker Lovebird96
Documentary maker Willem Timmers (1985) has been making independent documentaries, (travel)reports and journalism programs for various Dutch broadcasting agencies for 10 years. In 2011 he started with his debut film ‘Framing the Other’, a film about a conflict of culture between a Dutch tourist and a Mursi woman in Southern Ethiopia. This film has been shown at over 100 film festivals worldwide and has been awarded with multiple prizes. His more recent ‘Aan de Andere Kant’, a film about two villages with the same name seemingly being each other’s parallel universe, premiered last year at the NFF.
Willem has a Master’s degree in Cultural Geography with a minor in Education and Intercultural Communication. Alongside his film career he works as a new media-specialist voor NGO’s together with creatives in developing countries, ranging from Mail to Myanmar.