LA Sync Mission 2019

"I think one of the main reasons it’s nice to go with Dutch composers, publishers and artists as opposed to one that lives in LA is that they can offer a different perspective or approach. A lot of European or Dutch composers I work with aren’t tied down by the constraints or traditional mindset of Hollywood composers so they can often provide us with a fresh perspective or angle that we wouldn’t otherwise get" - an L.A. based music supervisor

End of March we are inviting 20 of Hollands most senior music and image rights-holders across publishing, composing and sync to L.A. on our Sync Mission. The group is a veritable mixed bag of important people and companies ranging from Sony/ATV and Downtown to Sizzer (whose client base includes Audi, Heineken and Diesel) and Armada Music (founded by Armin van Buuren) through to composers like Side-and-Chain and The Solos who scored trailers such as The Black Panther, Moana, Godzilla, Warrior (HBO), Extinction (Netflix) and many more. The group also includes composers who scored all the biggest Dutch movies of the last few years, and Heroic who represent San Holo as well as many of Europe's busiest electronic music producers, all of whom have made their home in Amsterdam. And there’s so much more. You can find the company profiles here:

Want to hear some music? Please check out our Spotify playlist here:

About The Netherlands: Although relatively small in surface and population, Holland is a mid- sized economy with a high standard of living and a surprising entrepreneurial spirit. The Dutch entertainment industry has become a major export product for the Netherlands. For example, dance music, produced by Dutch DJs, is well known. Also, we see growth in export, live music and synchronization. How do the Dutch make a difference? Through their interactive approach to finding innovative solutions to the big challenges facing the world today. By being inventive, pragmatic and open to new challenges, the Dutch have created a flourishing and resilient land.