Digital Sync Mission Europe participants

The long-awaited digital sync mission is here! In collaboration with Dutch Music Export, we are going on a digital road trip among the most important areas in the music industry: Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States First up is Europe, and more specifically: Germany, France, and Scandinavia.

Below you’ll find all participants who are joining us for this Digital Sync Mission through Europe. Participants vary from composer, artist managers, sync and licensing managers to publishers and everything in between. Click on their names to know more about them (and their music)!


Wouter van den Boogaard (composer)
Wouter van den Boogaard (1989) is a multi award-winning composer for film and commercials and owner of Major Fith. So far, he has been working with brands like, Netlfix, Budweiser, Harley Davidson, UEFA Champions League, AFC Ajax, and many more. In 2019, Wouter won the Buma Award 'Best original composition in short film, documentary, telefilm and animation' for his work 'In Summer'. In 2021, he again received a Buma Award in the category ‘Best podcast & radio imaging' for his jinglepack for 'Eredivisie - One To Watch'. Recently, he built a new studio complex with three production and recording studios.
Music Wouter van den Boogaard

Koen Cramer (composer)
Koen Cramer is a Dutch composer known for his music in Odds (2021), Feed Me Slowly (2020) and Witte Schaduw (2018). Being born in a small-populated city in The Netherlands named Hardenberg, Cramer decided to move to Los Angeles at age 23 to start his internship and current job at Calvary Music. Calvary Music is a critically acclaimed publisher focusing on a curation of boutique catalog with high-end music, as well as custom trailing scoring for movies such as Spiderman, How To Train Your Dragon and Star Wars.
In 2021, Cramer was nominated for the Buma Music in Motion New Talent Award.
Music Koen Cramer |

Sofia Dragt (composer, producer, vocalist & pianist)
Composer, producer, vocalist and pianist Sofia Dragt works as a recording and performing artist in pop music, as well as a composer and producer for film and media. Recent work includes the score for a television documentary series named ‘Het WAD’ by Ruben Smit and premiered in May 2020 on VARA – a Dutch television broadcaster. Recently, she also worked on a short film by Johathan J. Smit ‘Ik wil je graag bedanken’ [I’d like to thank you] which will premier later this year. Sofia won several awards including ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland’ [the Dutch national grand music award] in 2013, the award for ‘Best Music – Pop’ at the Berlin Motion Picture Festival in 2018 and in 2019 she was runner up for ‘Best Film Scoring’ at the CAIFF (USA). Lastly, her song ‘Come Home’ which was written for the TV commercial of a Dutch insurance company ‘Interpolis’ ranked second on the ‘Reclamemuziek Top 40 2020’ [Top 40 Commercial Music Charts 2020]
Music Sofia Dragt

Geert van Gaalen (composer & CEO, Studio de Keuken / Dangerous Kitchen Music / Soundscape Music)
At the age of 12, Geert van Gaalen started his music career by playing guitar in various bands, performed live at major music venues and meanwhile composed and produced orginal music. During his study Music Technology, he developed a wide range of composition and production skills in many different styles which allows Geert to bring a surprising angle to any kind of project.
After 10 years of being a master engingeer, composer, sound designer, musician and more in various sound studios, Geert founded his own ‘Studio De Keuken’ in 2000. His studio quickly became the first-call studio for music, sound design, voice casting and audio-postproduction in media. In 2004, he founded ‘Dangerous Kitchen Music’ – an in-house record label and music production company, servicing many requests for original music from a growing international client base. A year later, Geert acquired ‘Soundscape Music’, which includes a global network of talented composers, sound designers and music research and licensing services.
Geert’s soundtracks have been awarded with Gold World Medals at New York Festivals, a Silver Clio, two times Gold at ProMax/BDA World, reached the finalist status at Cannes Lions for original music and together with his team he continues to work on many other award-winning projects.

Tess Gaerthé (head of sync, Cloud 9 Music)
Tess Gaerthé has been singing and songwriting ever since she was thirteen years old and ended up representing The Netherlands during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song ‘Stupid’. Years later, she studied Jazz followed by International Music Management, played on multiple stages with various bands, like THE HOWLIN and still leads the monthly jam session at Stiels, Haarlem. In 2016, Tess joined Cloud 9 Music and has been responsible for all syncs and licensing activities for both the records and publishing department. In her current role at Cloud 9 Music, Tess has synced tracks for Coca Cola, FIFA, Victoria’s Secret, Volkswagen and many other brands and campaigns.

Justin Hendrik (founder & managing director, Maktub Music Publishing)
Maktub is a boutique style independent publishing company based in Amsterdam - The Netherlands. We believe in quality over quantity, in building strong long-lasting relationships, being inclusive and fair. We champion songwriters, we nurture and develop talent. Over the past years, we have been awarded with multiple Buma Awards for every consecutive year since we started the company in 2010.

Remco den Hollander (composer, musician)
Remco den Hollander (a.k.a Denhollander) has been a musician for over 25 years and is known for his quiet and unique sound. Denhollander gained popularity among various international film directors and was able to put three film soundtracks to his name over the past year: Extimacy (Ireland, 2020), Exodus (Morocco, 2020), Corked, (Sweden/Netherlands, 2021). On top of that, he released his own music. The album, titled ‘Birth of a lifetime’ has been very well received by the public and was tipped by OOR magazine as 'perfect lockdown soundtrack'. As a photographer himself, Denhollander understands the power of images. His minimalistic but sonically rich music never forces itself upon the listener. On the contrary, it embraces stillness and leaves room for details that empower the story. Denhollander's work can be described as cinematic, idiosyncratic and melancholic, which is never without hope and fits wonderfully into the list of Ólafur Arnalds, Mogwai and could sometimes even remind you (in the distance) of a band like Talk Talk.
Music Remco den Hollander

Emilie Kannekens (A&R, music researcher & lisencing manager, MassiveMusic)
Emilie graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a research master’s degree in Information Law. In 2019, she joined the global music agency MassiveMusic to work as an A&R, music researcher and licensing manager. In her day-to-day job she’s responsible for recruiting artists that match perfectly with the ongoing brand collaborations, as well as discovering new music, licensing for brand films and running a young music composers talent pool. Her general mission? To connect the best and brightest of the music industry to the world of advertising.

Gijs Knol (composer & music producer)
Gijs Knol is a Dutch independent composer and music producer. In 2019, he won the Buma Music in Motion New Talent Award for his music composition for the Anne Frank Foundation. Gijs studied Media Music at the Conservatory in Enschede (NL) and stared his career with composing jingles and imaging for International Radio station, like: KTU, KIIS-FM (102.7), Heart Radio UK and several Dutch Radio stations among which Radio Veronica. Nowadays, Gijs focusses on compositions for online and television campaigns, short films and documentaries.
Music Gijs Knol

Steijn Koeijvoets (CEO, 3S Music Management)
With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Steijn Koeijvoets is a true music professional. He started his career at the independent label [PIAS], eventually moved on to Strictly Confidential as a General Manager and in 2012, he opened the Dutch office of the international streaming service Deezer. Nowadays, Steijn applies his knowledge and skills to launch, market and promote artists and simultaneously help them to develop their careers as a partner at the well-established 3S Music Management company. He is responsible for the successful careers of many artists, including Aafke Romeijn, Jungle by Night and MY BABY.
Steijn Koeijvoets's projects

Megan Laan (rights administrator, Armada Publishing)
Megan's role is best described as marrying electronic dance music with moving pictures, leaving everyone saying: "I do". Working for dance label and music publisher Armada, she represents a vast catalogue of top tier dance music. As a member of the publishing team, she matches a boutique roster of skilled producers with supervisors looking for electronic music for their clients. Armada Music is the biggest independent dance music company in the world with offices in Amsterdam, New York and London. The publishing branch is represented worldwide by a network of independent publishers in all territories. In the end... who doesn’t like to have dance music at their wedding?
Megan Laan's projects

Dennis van Leeuwen (founder, Day Four Management / Bloomer Records)
Dennis (1971) started his career as a co-founder, guitar player, songwriter, and producer of the award-winning Dutch rock band KANE. When the band decided to call it quits in 2015, Dennis decided to focus on producing and founded Day Four Management, an artist management company, and label, Bloomer Records. His artist friendly and art driven personal approach has led to a fantastic roster of artists across several genres who have booked successes in both the Netherlands and across borders. |

Ayu Lestari (producer, composer, co-owner, Signature / Sisters in Songwriting)
Ayu Lestari is a producer, composer, co-owner of the indie record label ‘Signature’ and co-founder of ‘Sisters in Songwriting’, a community based in Rotterdam. Besides being a music entrepreneur, Ayu studies IT-Law at the University of Groningen. Music is her passion and profession. Recently she released the first all-female compilation album ‘20 Feet Tall’. In her own studio she records, produces and mixes for artists, helping them to find their signature sound. Ayu studied Electronic Music Production at SAE and had the opportunity to watch and learn from mentors Spaceman Patterson (Miles Davis, Frank Ocean) and Grammy award-winning producer Jerry Wonda (Fugees, Whitney Houston), in New York where she lived for six months. As a film composer Ayu won several national and international awards with film documentaries Streetkids United II (executive produced by Stephen Daldry known from The Crown, The Hours and Billy Elliot), Streetkids United III and Becoming Lev. The latter screened at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR) in 2020.
Music Ayu Lestari

Martijn de Man (composer)
Martijn de Man (1969) started his professional music career in the Dutch rock band ‘Urban Heroes’ as a keyboard player. In 1994, they recorded the album ‘Innerdream’ together for Sony records and performed at the largest free concert festival in Europe, called ‘Parkpop’. Although Martijn enjoyed performing live, he developed a greater interest in music composition and sound design. A year later, he switched to being a fulltime composer and ever since then he has been able to hone his craft through various exciting projects ranging from documentaries and short films to immersive museum experiences. Highlights of his work include scores for the documentaries ‘Oude Bomen’ [‘Old Trees’] and ‘We zien ons’ [‘We see us’] which broadcasted on Dutch television, as well as impressive soundscapes for ‘Ferrari: Under the Skin’, van Gogh Museum and Dunhang Caves.
Currently, Martijn is completing work for the Algeria Expo 2021 in Dubai Film and the documentary ‘Hannie Schaft’ about the Dutch resistance fighter which will premiere later this year. Martijn’s style can be best described as a blend of traditional orchestration with modern electronic counterparts, strong melodies or ambient atmospheres. He’s always moving the story forward, enhancing the experience, but is never overruling it. Basic principles that are universally appreciated by every client.
Music Martijn de Man

Karolien Mazereeuw (head of sync Benelux, Sony Music Publishing)
Karolien has a strong passion for music and especially loves the power that music holds in stirring our emotions. In here current role at Sony Music Publishing, she’s able to combine on screen emotions with music on a daily basis. Over the past years, Karolien has worked on many global advertising campaigns for Heineken, Qatar and DHL to just name a few, as well as many film and television projects. In her day-to-day job she is involved with all licensing aspects and creative pitching. The Benelux team, based in the center of Amsterdam, works with songwriters and producers such as Duncan Laurence, Duncan Laurence, Jacqueline Govaert, Wouter Hardy, Kovacs, My Baby, Faces on TV, Golden Earring, George Baker and Hooverphonic.
Worldwide Sony/ATV represent the copyrights of the legendary songs of Lennon and McCartney, Paul Simon, Michael Jackson, Leonard Cohen, Queen, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran and the Motown catalogue.

Cora Romein (professional manager, Nanada Music)
Even since 2008 Cora Romein has been working for the Dutch independent music publisher Nanada Music. In her day-to-day job, Cora focuses on the exploitation of the entire catalogue which ranges from contemporary music to jazz, dance, R&B, golden ‘oldies’ and new songs alike. Ongoing international successes include songs like “Venus” by Shocking Blue, “Hocus Pocus” by Focus and “Loud places” by Jamie XX.
Cora Romein's projects

Merlijn Snitker (film composer)
"I want my scores to have a strong personality: present, yet unobtrusive and always in support of the story. Music as an autonomous character, and a specific concept intricately interwoven with the scenario."
Voilà the statement that defines the craftsmanship of Merlijn Snitker, one of Netherland’s most successful Dutch film composers. Snitker (1970), who graduated at the conservatory as a performing artist (saxophone), is a self-taught composer. Hence, his original style and fresh approach of the trade. His soundtracks for Publieke Werken (Public Works, 2016) and Bankier van het Verzet (The Resistance Banker, 2018) were both nominated for a Gouden Kalf (the Dutch equivalent of the Oscar). In 2010, he won the Flemish ‘Outstanding Achievement Film Award’ for the soundtrack of Dossier K.
Snitker doesn't only compose for Dutch cinema, but also branches out to Belgium (The Prime Minister and Ritual) and Sweden (Siv Sover Vilse). His eclectic style, a cross-over of acoustic and electronic music, proves that soundtracks can be both inconspicuous and mesmerizing.
Music Merlijn Snitker

Charlotte Stricker (sync manager, CTM Entertainment)
After completing her study Media and Entertainment Management and several jobs at Stichting Norma, CNR Records and Overamstel Publishers, Charlotte joined CTM Publishing and Production Music, one of the leading independent music publishers with offices in Hilversum, Brussel, Stockholm and Miami. CTM Publishing works with copyrights from Rodgers & Hammerstein, Roy Orbison, Scott Storch, Migos, Joey Badass, Post Malone, Tiësto, John Lennon, Jonny Nash and many more.
As a sync manager, Charlotte is responsible for pitching and licensing both the commercial - and production catalog, and simultaneously coordinates with all sync teams worldwide. Throughout her career at CTM Publishing, she has worked on various advertisement campaigns for brands like T-Mobile, Toyota, Plus, Lego, several movies including Penoza: The Final Chapter, De Oost and the television series ‘Van Der Valk’.
Charlotte Stricker's projects

Martijn Swier (owner, Endless Music)
Martijn Swier manages various artists, such as Within Temptation, Bokassa, Smash Into Pieces, My Indigo and several internationally renowned producers, like: Daniel Gibson (SE), JonathanHendrickx (NL), Daniel Barkman (SE), Mathijs Tieken (NL) and more. His company, Endless Music, has over 15 years of extensive experience and specializes in international music management, music distribution and publishing. On top of that, Martijn is chairman at the Music Managers Forum (MMF) in the Netherlands.
Martijn Swier's projects

Jochem Tromp (founder, Soepermarkt)
After working in management and marketing positions for several music companies, Jochem Tromp (45) founded Soepermarkt back in 2010. Soepermarkt is a boutique A&R driven music management -, marketing - and publishing agency which specializes in artist and label management, marketing and publishing. Ever since the start, the agency developed an impressive track record of international accomplishments and successes. The agency is distinguished by its creative, fresh and contemporary approach in combination with years of experience and extensive international network. Soepermarkt aims to provide the right service with a strong focus on long term strategy, while bringing management and marketing together in a rapidly changing music market. Artists represented by Soepermarkt include Benny Sings, GOSTO and Luka. With the Soepermarkt Music Publishing, a joint venture with Pennies From Heaven and the Missing Sync, Jochem simultaneously represents a catalog of various songwriters and producers. On top of that, he hosts and co-produces the bi-monthly podcast ‘Dutch Music Export Talks’ in collaboration with Dutch Music Export and Buma Cultuur.

Charley van Veldhoven (composer)
Charley started off her musical career as a classically trained pianist and started composing from a young age. She booked her first success in competitions such as November Music and NBE/VARA. Over the years she started experimenting with sounds, synthesizers, live recorded instruments and her voice. In 2018 she traveled to Los Angeles to complete her traineeship with AAA-Game composer Jeff Rona.
Last year, in 2020, Charley graduated with triple Honors in Music and Technology (HKU) and now she composes for film, games, commercials and other media. Some examples of her work include sonic branding and music for the multi-award winning game ‘Reducent’ and her productions for MassiveMusic, trailer company The Solos, BMG and Universal among others.
Music Charley van Veldhoven

Roland de Vries (international client relationship manager, Strengholt Music Publishing)
With over 20 years of experience within the music industry, Roland is a true music professional. In the late 90’s he started working at Buma Stemra, the Dutch author and rights organization, as an account manager for the Dutch music publishing members. Later he moved on to Fintage Music and was responsible for clients, like: Herbie Hancock, Eminem, Frank Zappa, Jason Mras, Raoul Midon, Tori Amos, Fiction Plane and many more. At Midem in Cannes, Roland shared is knowledge and experience at ‘Meet the Publishers’ and was simultaneously lecturer at the Alsbach Foundation for the Music Publishing course.
In 2012, he joined Strengholt Music Publishing as an International Client Relationship Manager and has been working there ever since. In his day-to-day job he’s responsible for handling all incoming sync -, cover - and sample requests. Over the past year Strengholt won the Buma Award for Best Synch Award for TV, film and online for the use of "Zing, Vecht, Huil, Bid, Lach, Werk en Bewonder", performed by Maaike Ouboter for the Netflix original series “Our Planet”.