What role will Artificial Intelligence play for creatives?

The world shows us a lot of AI developments at the moment. Innovations like DALL·E 2, Deepmind help creatives accelerate their process. Technology companies like Replit and GitHub make AI part of their coding process where developers will be co-coding with AI. We even have seen a Joe Rogan Podcast with no other than a AI generated Steve Jobs. We talk with experts about what the future might bring and how creatives can use the next gen AI solutions.


Anna Gatzioura (AI Reseacher at Chordify)

Chordify is a music recommender system researcher, designing the recommender system that helps users identify the songs they would like both to listen and play along with. Anna is especially interested in the use of AI to support artistic creativity and in applications with a positive social impact.

Krijn Rijshouwer (Digital product designer and ex-OpenAI)

Krijn worked for many digital companies, such as Blendle, Framer and OpenAI. Within these companies, Krijn learnt a lot about AI and how it works for creatives.

Yassine Seghrouchni (Co-founder VIRPP)

Find the right label or audience for your unique sound, use the VIRPP platform to connect with fans, fellow artists, and top labels worldwide. VIRPP is the platform for unreleased music.

Janne Spijkervet (AI researcher at TikTok)

Janne is an experienced researcher in the field of AI. As a musician and producer, Janne knows what AI can do as creative, but also as a researcher.