Sync Workshop BMIM x MMF

On the 2nd of December BMIM and MMF will host a sync workshop in which music supervisors, sync agents and publishers will share their sync vision and thoughts, and they’ll explain best practice so that you can achieve more sync success. The professionals who will participate are David Wille (Kobalt), Jonathan Christiansen (Hit The Ground Running) and Amelia Hartley (Music Supervisor Black Mirror, Peaky Blinders). The workshop is moderated by Walter Flapper (Flapper Management).

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Jonathan Christiansen (Supervisor, Hit The Ground Running, US)

Jonathan Christiansen is a music accompanist at the LA-based Hit The Ground Running and oversees projects such as Silicon Valley (HBO), Gotham (FOX), CSI (CBS) and various studio films. He is also active as an A&R manager at PUSHER, an artists' agency specialising in licensing and making music for film trailers such as Blade Runner 2049, Star Wars and Mad Max. With his background as DJ & producer himself, he prides himself on being the epicentre of performing projects from a like-minded creative & licensing point of view.

Emily Weber (Vice President & Head of Synch, Position Music, US)

Emily Weber is the Vice President / Head of Synch for the Los Angeles-based indie-publisher, Position Music.  Weber is responsible for building and overseeing the nine-person synch team which is responsible for exploiting Position Music’s repertoire in Advertising, Film, Television, Trailers and Video Games worldwide.  Weber joined Position Music in 2010 and has been instrumental in expanding Position Music’s Movie Trailer, TV Promo and International Advertising business.  She has A&R/Produced over 30 albums made for movie trailers.  Over her 15+ years of pitching music she has become a trusted source for music supervisors, editors/producers, and creative directors throughout the industry.

David Wille (SVP Sync & Brand Partnerships UK/EU, Kobalt, UK)

David Wille has been active in the music industry for 25 years as a frontline marketeer and promotional employee for Kobalt in London. He contributes to the creation of memorable stories by harnessing the power of music, helps create partnerships between artists and brands and leads global marketing campaigns.

Moderator: Walter Flapper (Artist Manager, Flapper Management, NL)

The roots of Noisia and Flapper Management have been firmly rooted in Groningen since 2006. Besides being their artist manager, Walter co-owns a record label with the members of Noisia; VISION. Other artists on Flapper Management's roster include Zonderling, IMANU and Posij.