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After you meet a potential client, how do you ensure a successful follow-up? How do you deal with gender inequality, and why is developing a Personal Brand so important (and how do you actually do it?). During BMIM Special, there will be Roundtable discussions covering these issues and more. Check which subjects are included below and register by 2 June. You can sign up for three Roundtables, and you will be allocated a maximum of two.

There are two Round Table Sessions. The first session is from 15:15 – 16:00h, the second from 16:15 – 17:00h.

Roundtable #1: Your Work, your Brand: A Roundtable on Personal Branding
What is your talent, what do you stand for personally, what are your qualities as a creator, and how would you describe your passion? What value do you add to your relationships, colleagues or your organisation? What do you do and share on your social media? Because with every post, like and comment, you are (un)consciously building your Personal Brand. Business is based on trust and the value you add. And like it or not, every person has a Personal Brand. You can take advantage of this professionally. During this Roundtable, you will discuss how to enhance and develop your (online) personality with Karen Oldhoven. The aim is to improve your credibility, present yourself confidently and be aware of what makes you stand out.
This talk is led by Karen Oldhoven (Founder Personal Branding Agency).

Roundtable #2: Mastering the Art of the Follow-Up
You recently met with a potential client, and now it's time to follow up. But how?! Following up is an essential part of winning new business. But you're not the only one who finds it difficult to find the right way to do this without being pushy or damaging the relationship with your (potential) client.
During this Roundtable discussion, we’ll delve deeper into the art of the follow-up. All participants share their experiences and strategies. From sending a reminder or a media file to pitching an idea or meeting up again 'spontaneously'. When and how often do you follow up? What good is sharing valuable content without a hard sell?
This talk is led by Remco van Eijndhoven (Lecturer & Coach, Conservatorium Haarlem).

Roundtable #3: The Future of Media Music
With the rise of streaming services and new technologies, media composers and other professionals have more opportunities than ever to make their mark on the industry. But what is the future of media music? During this Roundtable discussion, we’ll talk to several experts about the current state of the industry and what we can expect in the future. From the challenges and opportunities for media music to the different ways creators, directors, producers, composers and sync managers work together.
This talk is led by Guido Heeneman (BCMM Chair).

Roundtable #4: Contacts and contracts
Most composers don't get excited by terms like IP law, case law, contracts, industry terms or benchmarks. But - spoiler alert - knowledge about these things is necessary if you want to make it in the music industry. During this Roundtable discussion, music lawyer Sander Petit will be available to answer all your questions in easy-to-follow language. His mantra is that being more aware of your rights will help you make smarter deals. Smarter deals lead to more revenue and less risk. More income and less risk lead to more freedom, and more freedom leads to more creativity, which in turn leads to more deals.
This talk is led by Sander Petit (Lawyer, Petit Legal).

Roundtable #5: It's a lonely job. What are you working on? Sparring with fellow composers
As a composer, you often spend hours, days or weeks working by yourself. Sure, you may have a chat at the coffee machine, but that might not be enough to satisfy your social interaction needs. How do you make sure you keep on top of things, stay motivated and not go crazy? During this Roundtable discussion, we will talk about this process. How do fellow composers approach this and what can you learn from this for your own process? Take a seat and identify the things that will help you move forward.
This talk is led by composer Matthijs Kieboom.

Roundtable #6: It's an uneven score: diversity and gender equality
Why are there so few women or LGBTQA+ (media) composers? Or media composers of colour or from non-Western backgrounds? Have you ever been discriminated against because of your gender? Did you get paid less or did a less experienced creator walk away with the job? In this Roundtable discussion, Amber Roner takes the lead on this uncomfortable topic for many. We exchange experiences and help each other answer the question: How do we make composing for media more inclusive? And how do you navigate a (music) world where women and LGBTQA+ are still underrepresented and undervalued?
This talk is led by presenter Amber Roner.

You need a BMIM Special ticket to participate in the Round Tables Sessions. Buy your tickets here.


Remco van Eijndhoven (lecturer & coach, Conservatorium Haarlem, NL)

With a wealth of experience in the spotlight and behind the scenes, Remco has been combining a life as a performer with the business side of the industry for many years. Formerly drummer for mashup band Memphis Maniacs and artist booker for Dox Records, currently percussionist/producer/manager for live electronic act The Ones That Got Away. At Conservatorium Haarlem, Remco fulfills the role of International Relations Coordinator, he is event manager and, as coordinator of the Entrepreneurship learning line, he offers inspiration in the field of concept development, branding and marketing.

Guido Heeneman (composer, chairman BCMM, NL)

Guido Heeneman is a successful multimedia composer who makes music from his company Call4Music for a wide variety of clients, from documentaries, feature films, game shows, talk shows, to commercials and everything in between. With titles such as Op1, In de Voetsporen van.., Hunted, Big Brother, Blow Up, Over Mijn Lijk, various films for Netflix, series for Amazon Prime and commercials for Schoonenberg, Uber & Candy Crush, among others, Call4Music belongs to the absolute top of Dutch media music. Call4Music is also active abroad.
For the AVROTROS series ‘Krabbé Zoekt Picasso’ he received a Buma Award and for the series 'Diederik en Da Vinci' he was nominated for the same Award. In addition, he releases music (mainly piano) under his stage name GUIDO on Spotify, among others, with which he manages to reach millions of people all over the world and also plays live in theaters and on various pop stages.
Guido Heeneman is also chairman of the BCMM, the professional association for Multi Media Composers.

Matthijs Kieboom (composer, NL)

Matthijs Kieboom has been active as a composer for film and TV since 2009. His style can be
described as thematic and melodic and in terms of sound it is a boundless fusion of genres & unique
sounds. In his music, Matthijs uses special instruments, orchestras and ensembles, trying to find its
own sound for each production. Matthijs has written the score for productions such as Meskina, De
Piraten van Hiernaast, Hemelrijken and the documentary WILD. Matthijs is now putting the finishing
touches to the score for the very popular English series Van der Valk plus the new documentary Wolf.

In 2011, Matthijs received the Young Composer Award at the Transatlantyk Film Festival, he also
received the Young Talent Award in Krakow and also won the Buma Film Music Award for the score
of the successful film Verliefd op Ibiza. In addition to being a composer, Matthijs is also an
orchestrator, and he is senior lecturer in Film and Game composition at the ArtEz conservatory in
Enschede (NL).

Karen Oldhoven (Personal Branding Expert, NL)

Karen is a moderator, speaker and entrepreneur who above all has tons of energy and likes to make a positive impact. Karen is interested in the human aspect and their stories: who are you, what do you want, what are your motivations and goals? With a background in the media, she speaks passionately about (personal) branding, leadership, the era of human skills and personal development. She empowers women for NGOs such as African Women Entrepreneurship Forum, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE Women) and for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

Sander Petit (Attorney-at-law, Petit Legal, NL)

Sander Petit has become a household name for legal advice in the creative industry. As an attorney at law, Sander is specialized in intellectual property, media law and contracts and has a strong focus on the electronic music business. He represents international top tier DJ’s and producers, record labels, publishers, management and booking agencies, music and NFT platforms, promotors and festivals.

Sander is founder and managing partner of the Amsterdam based Backstage Legal collective and is also known as De Dance-advocaat [The Dance Lawyer]. He is a welcomed guest in the media when it’s about the business and legal side of music and regularly speaks about his work and the law at events, colleges and universities. Besides his work as a lawyer, Sander is also a DJ. He has played at clubs like Radion and JACK and events like Burning Man, Zwarte Cross, Dutch Decompression, Familiar Forest and some maybe-legal raves. One could say he’s comfortable on the crossroads of music and law.

Amber Roner (presenter, NL)

As a freelance presenter and multimedia journalist, Amber Roner has been providing a platform for stories for almost 20 years. She does this with great energy as a host, interviewer and program maker for events, podcasts, TV and radio shows. In the past, among others for ESNS, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Sublime and Omroep ZWART. Now you might know her voice from the ‘Brood en Spelen’ podcast by GRAP Amsterdam, in which she talks to guests about current events and important themes in the music industry once every two weeks. Besides music, the main topics Amber likes to talk about are: sports, talent development, mental health, sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

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