Open Call: Remix your Way to LA – BMIM x ADE Conference 2022

What makes a good trailer remix? Jake Versluis, VP of A&R at Position Music, will guide you through the selection of the best remixes. Why does something work well? What are things you must avoid when making a remix? During this panel you can get an insight in the process of picking a remix for a trailer.

Want to put your production and remix skills to the test? Remix one of the most successful sync songs from the Position Music catalog! We invite you to download the stems to Another Level by Oh The Larceny and apply your years of knowledge and skills to deconstructing, tearing down, twisting, and building back up the song in a way you feel would fit really well in modern-day film and video game trailers.

Position Music has chosen a song that has licensed multiple times throughout the years, generating a large of amount of income, and they want to find the BEST trailer remix of this song to freshen it up and go land some new syncs!

We are looking for all BMIM composers and producers. Everyone can join the competition.
Jake Versluis, VP of A&R at Position Music, will make a selection of the best remixes and will discuss them during our BMIM x ADE Conference and announce the winning remix on the spot! If you want to apply, make sure you read this:

What can you win?

  • Your remix gets signed to Position Music.
  • Winning remix will receive a $250 recoupable advance and participate in income from the new master recording
  • Last but not least, your remix will be played at the BMIM x ADE Conference where a lot of professionals will be able to hear your skills.
  • A place in our future synch mission to LA

What are the boxes your remix should tick?

  • Remix the song in a way that you feel would fit really well in modern-day film and video game trailers.
  • If the remix exceeds 3 minutes, that’s fine, but we will also require a cut down version of less than 3 minutes.
  • In addition to the main version, we will require an instrumental as well as stems (grouped in 10-15).

Download the stems via this link.

Please note:

  • The selected remixes will be announced no later than 10 October.
  • Make sure you are available on the 19th of October (in person). The selected composers/producers will receive a guest ticket for the BMIM x ADE Conference.
  • Position Music has the right to create art and release the master commercially, crediting the winning remix(ers).
  • Must be a Dutch media composer and member of Buma/Stemra.

Apply your remix via the form below. Deadline is 30 September.


Jake Versluis (VP of A&R, Position Music, US)

Jake Versluis is the VP of A&R at Position Music, a publishing and record company based in Los Angeles, where he signs composers and artists. The artists he’s signed to Position have licensed hundreds of songs across trailers, film, TV, video games, and ads.

In addition, he manages the L.A. based band "Dead Posey.” Jake also oversees music in gaming for Position Music, landing hundreds of songs in video games, as well as video games trailers (NBA 2K ’23, Madden ’23, Far Cry 5, Rainbow 6 Siege, Prey, Shadow of War, Cyberpunk 77, Dragon Age: Inquisition, League of Legends, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Titanfall 2, Call of Duty and many more).


Sign up

  • Please enter your first and last name.
  • In order to participate in this competition you must be registered by Dutch music copyright organisation Buma/Stemra.
  • Put a link to Soundcloud, YouTube, your website or any other media where your remix can be listened to.