Music & Brands: Marshall x Vans

Why do brands like to collaborate with artists? And where do they get their inspiration from? In this panel, the Marshall and Vans brands not only discuss their own commercial expressions, but also share inspiring cases of other brands in which music plays the leading role.

A tear, a spontaneous burst of laughter or endless amazement: a powerful advertisement makes you feel something. The representatives from premium brands Marshall and Vans take the stage to share the commercials that once blew them away. Not only will you go home inspired after this event, you will also hear everything about the importance of music for a brand and how such a creative process works in practice.


Tony Arthy (Founder, Worn Out/Vans Music, UK)

Founder of Worn Out Creative - Music Seeding, Talent Booking & Brand x Music Partnership Agency for Streetwear, Footwear & Drinks Brands. Worn Out specialises growing Brands through Music. Over 20 years experience in Product Placement & Seeding, Talent Booking, Music Curation, Music Partnerships & Collabs, Festival Marketing, Artist Liaisons & Brand x Music Events. Worn Out has managed Vans and House of Vans Europe Music Activity / Talent Booking / Product Seeding and Artist Liaisons for the past 10 years while also working on Music campaigns with Brewdog, Dr Martens, Berghaus, Cheap Monday and many more.

Stuart Vallans (Head of Marshall Live Agency, UK)

As head of the Marshall Live Agency, Stuart Vallans is working with some of the most exciting, upcoming artists; developing live strategies, booking tours, festival appearances and representing the Marshall Amplification brand on a worldwide scale.

Moderator: Mark Gordon (Score Draw Music, UK)

Mark Gordon is a multi award-winning composer who runs the music production company Score Draw Music. With studios located in both the UK and Ireland, Score Draw provides original music and songs to a huge range of global clients and current work spans content for Nickelodeon Jr, PBS Kids, Disney Jr, Amazon, Netflix, BBC, Channel 5, Milkshake and Sky. Outside of the company, Mark is a member of the Ivors Academy Media Committee Board, sits on the Future Screens NI Board and also programmes Output Belfast - Ireland’s largest music conference.