Masterclass Florencia Di Concilio

Together with IDFA we’ll open the floor for conversations about the importance of music in documentaries. In order to do so, BMIM will present an Industry Talk in the form of a Masterclass by composer Florencia Di Concilio. The renowned composer (Becoming Zlatan, Buddy) will give a masterclass on her work as music composer for documentaries. With an extensive career in both fiction and docs, she is one of the outstanding figures of the new generation.

The masterclass will take place on November 24th at 11am. Want to join? Please send an email to and we’ll make sure you receive a ticket.


Florencia Di Concilio (Composer, FR)

Armed with an indisputable virtuosity - fruit of an intensive learning process during many years - Florencia Di Concilio offers a universe of striking richness. Between the opera records of Italian grandparents and the melodies of her father, jazz and tango pianist, the Uruguayan composer colors her music with all these influences, appropriating films without ever disguising their nature. Dark Blood, by George Sluizer, filmed in 1993 and released almost 20 years later, illustrates this intention and allows the composer to sublimate the burning deserts of Utah. Her remarkable work on strings, in particular guitars (arpeggione, charango, cuatro) allows to reinforce a folk imagination while bringing a magnificent depth to the whole, giving the landscape and the history, a suffocating almost palpable aspect.Further in this vein, it is impossible not to mention Ava, a feature film by Léa Mysius, where the musician plunges us into the agonizing road to blindness, constantly playing on the contrast between the subject and its light staging. Besides fiction, Florencia's brilliant work also shines in documentaries: Buddy by Heddy Honigmann, Becoming Zlatan by Frederik and Magnus Gertten or Love Hotel by Philip Cox and Hikaru Toda.

Moderator: Robil Rahantoeknam (Sound Designer en Consultent Film Fonds, NL)

Robil (1981) was born in Zwolle and completed the Sound Design course in 2009 at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam, where he now lives. In recent years, Robil has worked as a Production Sound Mixer on feature films such as Suriname (2019), De Belofte van Pisa (2018 - winner NFF Gouden Kalf Best Music), My Foolish Heart (2016 - winner NFF Gouden Kalf Best Sound Design), November (2015 - winner Tribeca Film Festival Best Cinematography, winner EFTA Best Sound Design). In the meantime he has worked on series such as Mocro Maffia 2, Van God Los and Vechtershart and various short films. Until 2013 he worked in post-production sound for films such as Tula: The Revolt (2013) and Winterstilte, where he won a Gouden Kalf for Best Sound Design in 2008, together with Huibert Boon and Alex Booy. Robil has been working at the Netherlands Film Fund as a consultant since 1 September 2020.