Keynote Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – BMIM x ADE Conference 2022

Soundtrack music that keeps you on your toes How composers Michael Stein & Kyle Dixon crafted an original sound including the hypnotising 'Stranger Things' soundtrack.

How do you create an original soundtrack that keeps the audience on edge? And how do you keep innovating that original soundtrack when the series goes on for more that four seasons? Composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein answer these and more during their keynote speech. With their hypnotising, electronic and bone-chilling themes they have crafted a soundtrack that is well known by TV-lovers as the ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack. The Netflix series is beloved for its use of music, but it’s the score written by Dixon and Stein that really brings the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana and the characters to life. While their music for the early seasons focused on the timeless sound of '80s analogue synthesisers, they started to harness melodies and atmospherics befitting Eleven and Mike's interdimensional struggle.

Through their work for Stranger Things Dixon and Stein have launched themselves as modern composers for film and television. But their work doesn't stop there. They have also worked on documentaries and movies, like Joaquin del Paso’s ‘The Hole in the Fence’ that received several awards and nominations. And they have created various soundscapes for VR-installations, proving the versatility of this duo and their innovating use of music.

In this keynote speech Dixon and Stein will share their vision on innovative scoring with glitchy and quirky sounds. At heart, Dixon and Stein are avid students of electronic music history who constantly explore new methods of composition and scoring. While they have a clear ability for soundtracking the supernatural and otherworldly, Dixon and Stein have an equal interest in scoring quieter, decidedly human drama.

After the BMIM x ADE Conference they will also perform at De Brakke Grond. More info on times will be announced soon.

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Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein

In the annals of film and television, certain musical themes manage to transcend the moving image. From the iconic whistle introducing Morricone’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly theme to Tangerine Dream’s “Love On A Real Train,” memorable scores have the uncanny ability to sum up an epoch, an entire aesthetic. The prolific Texan musicians Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein are responsible for a body of work that's synonymous with the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, the supernatural everytown at the center of the Netflix hit Stranger Things. But as the small town becomes the unlikely site for a supernatural battle within the hit series, Dixon and Stein's soundscapes, too, have expanded in lockstep. In the meantime, Dixon and Stein compose music for feature films, documentary series and large-scale installations and play in the band S U R V I V E. Working in the lineage of predecessors like John Carpenter and contemporary peers like Oneohtrix Point Never, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein use a lifelong obsession with synthesizers and electronic music as a vehicle for larger-than-life visions. While Dixon & Stein came to prominence composing music for a series that has become a cultural touchstone, Stranger Things, imagery and setting have always been central to the duo’s practice.  Dixon and Stein laid the groundwork for their future as one of the pre-eminent scoring teams of our time. Rather than speaking in musical terms, they’d describe their instrumental synth music with visual cues—a helicopter soaring over a waterfall, a high-speed chase down darkened Los Angeles alleys.

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