In Focus: The Asian Sync Scene

The Asian sync market is huge, varied and very healthy, providing the region’s massive output of films, games, TV shows and advertising with songs, soundtracks and soundbeds. But equally for an outsider it can seem remote, swathed in a very different kind of business and social culture, and hard to penetrate. In order to help you understand and navigate this vast market, BMIM has brought together a team of local experts who will be discussing where the opportunities lie for Dutch composers, what sorts of music currently go down best with Asian music supervisors , recent successful collaborations between composers and brands, examples of innovative use of music, how the local industry is responding to COVID, and how to correctly and effectively approach the people who matter at advertising agencies, as well as at film, animation and TV studios.

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Eelko van Kooten (Founder, Ledo, NL)

Ledo is the brainchild of two music influencers who wanted to shake things up a bit. Together, they assembled a team of business minds, tech nerds, agitators, and marketeers, who all had one thing in common: a love of music. Whether you're searching for the right free music for your content or looking to release your own track. Ledo makes it simple for you to market and monetise your music and content through collaborative partnerships on social media. Whether it's making music or making content, we think that the creatives should be in control. In the past, suits, lawyers, labels and contracts have sometimes made that tricky, but to Ledo's founders, the solution seemed obvious. Why not cut out the middle man? Our platform is the missing link between music makers looking for an audience, and content creators who are looking to collaborate. Creative freedom with the chance to gain new exposure, or keep an audience engaged with new and independent music - so it's unstoppable music collaborations all the way.

Serena Liu (Sr. Manager, Music Distribution & Business Development, NewStyle Media Group, US)

Serena holds a dual bachelor's degree in English and Finance from Nankai University, and an MA in Music Business from NYU. She has over a decade of experience in artist management, music copyright, and strategic partnerships, and has built a comprehensive understanding of local and international music business. Serena joined NewStyle Media Group in early 2020 and has been leading their global music distribution and business development initiatives. Outside of work, she is an expert pianist and soprano, and enjoys latin ballroom dancing.

Jarome Matthew (Owner, Pro Soul Studios, CN)

Jarome Matthew has worked with independent artists in North America and China as well as major companies around the world for over 15 years as an audio engineer, music producer, composer and sound designer in a wide range of music styles. In 1999 he founded his company Pro Soul Alliance in North America, managing artists internationally. After many years working in North America, Jarome fell in love with China after being hired to produce several foreign artists living there and decided to move operations to Beijing in 2010. With a professional sound studio in Beijing, Jarome has worked with many Chinese and international platinum selling artists and such companies as Audi, Universal, VW, Huawei and EA.

Diederik van Middelkoop (Creative Director & Partner, Amp.Amsterdam, NL)

Diederik van Middelkoop has had a very successful career as Creative Director in Music and Sound for ad campaigns and brand identities around the world. He is Executive Creative Director at Amp.Amsterdam, the Sonic Branding Company, a music agency specialising in sonic branding and music supervision with a great love for the innovative. Diederik has also been a welcome judge and speaker at many festivals, including Cannes Lions, Promax, LIA, Spikes Asia and Adfest, to name but a few.

Moderator: Martin van de Velde (Founder, House of China, NL)

Martin is a seasoned journalist and cultural entrepreneur who has been writing about dance music for two decades. He writes for music magazines like OOR and for general newspapers. As one of the founders of C# he has been able to combine his passion and knowledge about dance music with his love for Asia. C# is a Chinese – Dutch company that initiates projects to connect through electronic music. Since 2015 Martin has been working as a panel moderator for Amsterdam Dance Event.