‘But, I am not Hans Zimmer’ – A session about the Imposter Syndrome

While several media composers might think: ‘But, I’m not Hans Zimmer’, it’s true that Mr. Zimmer himself more than once doubted his own work and/or expertise. In your daily work you meet every deadline; you are praised by all your clients, and you may have even won one or multiple awards. Nevertheless, there is always that voice in the back of your mind thinking: ‘When will I fail? When will everyone find out, I’m not as good as I claim to be?’. Well, ladies and gentlemen, please meet the ‘Imposter Syndrome’. It’s a well-known phenomenon that often results in which people set the bar ridiculously high and continuously underestimate themselves and their performance. For example, you feel like you are competing with reference tracks, you don’t have an official degree in media composing or you don’t dare to call yourself a media composer. How do you deal with that?

On Thursday, June 17 at 4:00 p.m. CEST, we will dive into the imposter syndrome during a session that’s specifically aimed at media composers, artists, and producers. It’s time we start talking about this! Panelists Jenna Fentimen (Head of Creative, Manners McDade, UK), Daisy Colle (Composer & Co-Founder, Two Twenty Two, UK), Vréneli Stadelmaier (Author & Carreer Coach, SheConsult, NL), Seppl Kretz (Creative Director & Head of Music Production, Sizzer, NL) and Renger Koning (Composer, NL) will open up about their experiences and share their view on the imposter syndrome.

Directly after the session, we’ll host a closed session where we offer the opportunity to continue the conversation and share your own experiences and/or get your questions answered live by one of our panelists. Click here to sign up!

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Daisy Coole (Composer & Co-founder, Two Twenty Two, UK)

Daisy Coole is a composer and saxophonist who has toured Europe as a jazz and session musician, appearing on international radio and television alongside artists such as Lady Gaga and Beth Ditto. In 2014, with her co-composer Tom Nettleship, she founded composition and post-production sound company Two Twenty Two, creating music for film, documentary, dance and advertising.

Recent projects include US feature film Ask For Jane starring Sarah Steele (The Good Wife), Cody Horn (Magic Mike) and Alison Wright (The Americans), feature documentary Shanti Khana narrated by Ashley Judd and the score for swing dance show Swing, Sister, Swing featuring a 16-piece all-women big band.

Renger Koning (Composer, Producer, Sound Designer, Soundbase, NL)

Renger Koning is a Dutch (film) composer who won the Buma Award for best filmscore in 2017 for ‘Bezness as Usual’ directed by Alex Pitstra. After working for many years in advertising in 2012 he decided to start composing for films and documentaries. He is known for 'Die Welt', ‘Safe’, 'My name is Nobody', 'Blind Date' [short animation] ‘Isotopes of Soul’ and 'The Occupant’. He also writes music for modern dance like ‘The Panter’ a choreography by Dunja Jocic. His music is characterised by a combination of live instruments and electronics, always in search of the emotional trigger.

Seppl Kretz (Creative Director & Head of Music Production, Sizzer, NL)

Being a musician at heart, Seppl started his career as a composer and keyboard player for a variety of bands. With those bands he reached the pop-charts multiple times and played festivals like Sziget, Roskilde and Lowlands. His adventures eventually brought him into the world of music production and supervision for advertising and film. Where he, as creative director at Sizzer; won multiple awards for music on campaigns such as Diesel, Schweppes, Heineken, Skoda and others.

Vréneli Stadelmaier (Author & Carreer Coach, SheConsult, NL)

Vréneli Stadelmaier MSc., who has a master in business administration, is an author, professional speaker, feminist and career coach. After her graduation she worked in several managerial positions. In 1999 she started her first business, together with her former husband, in executive search in investment banking. In 2007 she started SheConsult out of frustration that it still will take so much time before women face an equal level playing field in work.

She wrote the bestseller "F*ck that Insecurity" (Published in English under the title: “Sure she can, Crush this Insecurity”) and "A Smart Girl is Prepared for Her Future, Survival Guide for Young Ambitious Women" that prepares young women for the challenges they may face the first 10 years after their graduation.

Vréneli is director and founder of SheConsult, a nationally operating training & coaching agency for highly educated women, with 22 affiliates in The Netherlands. It’s proven that women are different than men and face different problems, then men do. So women have different needs in training and coaching than men, and the trainers and coaches of SheConsult have the knowledge and the experience in supporting women in those fields.

Vréneli regularly holds lectures at organizations, network events and in theaters. She is a regular guest in Dutch media and an active vlogger. In 2015 Vréneli was awarded the prestigious Joke Smit Award for her work on gender equality and women's emancipation by the Dutch government.

Moderator: Jenna Fentimen (Head of Creative, Manners McDade, UK)

Jenna began her career in production music, before moving into Music Supervision in both Amsterdam and in London, working on global campaigns by brands including PlayStation, Asics, Johnnie Walker and Dutch brands such as Tele 2, KPN. Jenna joined Manners McDade in 2018 as Music & Composition Producer, becoming Head Of Creative in 2019. She founded the Women Composers’ Forum in Autumn 2018, organizing workshops, panels and networking events for members. The Women Composers’ Forum has since merged with the LA-founded Alliance For Women Film Composers, with Jenna named UK Director of Relations and elected to the AWFC board. In 2019 Jenna was awarded a place in the shesaid.so Alternative Power 100 List, and in 2020 became the Music Industry Advocate for under-represented talent directory, Free The Work.