I’m With The Brand: Goldband & Danique over de Kracht van Commerciële Samenwerkingen

As an artist, is co-creation with a brand a good idea? How do you know if the brand matches your image and vice versa? In this panel we discuss these and other questions with Goldband, who affiliated with the Ik Ben De BOB campaign of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. After the successful case with Snelle and Smoorverliefd, Interpolis recently launched the new campaign 'Mis Niks', which focuses on Danique's track Later Als Ik Groot Ben.

Music is ideal for conveying emotion - something that artists can do like no other and that brands strive for in every form of communication. Where these two parties work together, special creative projects arise from which both benefit.

During this ESNS x BMIM panel, we question both parties on the basis of their cases. We discuss the relationship between music and brand with the management of Goldband, who wrote the music for the Ik Ben De BOB campaign, and the advertising agency, who is jointly responsible for the creation. And with Interpolis, where Brand Strategist Kim Smulders will elaborate on how music always plays a major role in their commercial expressions.

As an artist, how do you know that a campaign fits your image and what was the creative process like? Why is a particular band and/or artist so attractive to a client? And why is it important to put music at the center of campaigns? These and other pressing questions from the audience will be answered in detail.


Danique (artist, NL)

In the summer of 2022, Danique posted a demo of her song Papa Mama on TikTok, about the impact of her sister's illness on their family. The emotional video immediately went viral. A few weeks later, she officially released the personal track, which immediately entered the charts. The 24-year-old singer-songwriter then played Papa Mama live on radio and TV several times. Danique: “I received hundreds of responses. A lot of people appeared to recognize themselves in the lyrics of the song.” That is exactly what the singer aims for with her music. “With my songs I want to share as many deeper emotions as possible with my audience. I hope that people feel understood by my music and can draw strength from it.” Papa Mama has now been streamed almost 4 million times within a few months. In 2021, Danique released the single Uitlokt, in which she denounces harassment and victim blaming. That track also earned her many personal messages from listeners. Six months later, the song again received a lot of attention due to the release of the BOOS broadcast on The Voice. Danique's latest single is called Later Als Ik Groot Ben and is central to Interpolis' Mis Niks campaign about the dangers of texting while cycling. On February 17, Danique will perform her own show in the Tolhuistuin (Paradiso Noord) in Amsterdam for the first time. Danique: "I can't wait to play my music live with my band and to meet my listeners!"

Joeri Jansen (Creative director, ROORDA Advertising Agency, NL)

Joeri Jansen is partner and creative director of Roorda Reclamebureau. He is the creator of award-winning campaigns involving behavior change  and positive impact. “We believe we are rational creatures. Truth is 95% of our behaviour is driven by our emotions. Music plays a crucial role in persuasion.” He is the creative force behind successful collabs like “Knalplanga” with Donnie and “Ik ben de BOB” with Goldband and the recycled version of “Afscheid” by Xander de Buisonjé and the Joël Beukers banger “Vuurwerkbril”.

Luka Kueter (Unisex Management, NL)

With a background in art and night culture, Luka shifted into a career in music by accident after three stucco-workers from The Hague formed a new music group by the name of Goldband. Starting as a creative working on their first release he quickly took on the role of manager when Goldband gained some serious popularity. As a result of this new adventure, he co-founded Unisex, a studio/agency focusing on art direction and management for music artists.

Dominique van Rhee (Management Goldband, UNISEX, NL)

Dominique van Rhee is an art director, designer and artist manager. After working in advertising and in night and festival culture, he is working on the careers of Goldband and Véras, among others, with his agency Unisex.

Kim Smulders (Brand Strategist, Interpolis, NL)

Brand strategist with a passion for positioning and building brands, brings music & business together, likes to tell stories that touch.

Moderator: Tessa Rose Jackson (artist, composer, Someone, NL)

Tessa Rose Jackson is a composer, producer, songwriter and artist who releases her own music and art under the name ‘Someone’. Her passion is storytelling and as a film composer she loves sculpting the musical landscape in which the story takes place. She is a filmlover herself and draws inspiration from the worlds of David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Greta Gerwig, Paul Thomas Anderson, Charlie Kaufman and the Coen Brothers (amongst many others). Jackson has been working as a composer in media for eleven years and has created work for global campaigns including Audi, Ikea and Google Nexus. Her music has also been featured in series such as HBO’s ‘New Girl’ and Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’.

Jackson is gearing up to release her new album “Owls” in February 2023, followed by a tour of the Netherlands and the UK with her six-piece band. For more information, visit: tessarosejackson.com or someoneswebsite.com.