IDFA x BMIM: Producers and Composers Connection

The Producers Connection is the newest addition to co-financing and co-production market IDFA Forum and serves as a bespoke platform for fostering international co-production, providing a necessary space for sustaining collaborations and realizing documentary projects.
Within our brand-new partnership with International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA) we host a matchmaking between producers and composers.

Taking place over two days at the start of IDFA Forum, the Producers Connection will include a selection of 15 projects in early development that are looking for international co-production partners. In addition to the directors and producers of these 15 projects, some 70 producers will be selected to attend the event, all with a proven track record in successful international co-productions both inside and outside Europe.

Saturday, November 20
– Producers Connection presentations, 13:00-16:10
– Drinks at Cafe Kuyl 16:30-17:30

Sunday, November 21
– One-on-one meetings, 9:00- 19:00
– Produces Connection lounge, 9:00- 19:00
– Producers Connection lunch,13:00 to 15:00

Find the selected composers for our IDFA producers connection below.


Aisling Brouwer

I am film composer with a background in writing soundtracks for both film & tv on projects ranging from independent filmmakers to Amazon, BBC, Sky, Discovery Channel & the United Nations. My themes tend to combine dark, gritty, electronic soundworlds with cinematic ensembles & raw emotion. Documentary film has become my main focus these last couple of years and I would love to connect with new production teams and directors at IDFA that are interested in telling socially conscious stories or films that challenge held perceptions within society. I have just concluded my 4th feature documentary called Savage Waters (a surf & ocean adventure film) which was co-composed with my partner in AVAWAVES (my artist project signed to OLI Records in UK), Anna Phoebe. Earlier this year I also wrote the score for the Amazon Original 'Lioness', a feature documentary directed by Helena Coan about the first female Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams and sexism in the sport - being released next month with an accompanying Soundtrack Album through Atlantic Screen. I have just started the next feature documentary for Sky working with Fulwell 73 in London. Other work includes BIFA-nominated & NY Times Critic's Pick 'White Riot' (dir. by Rubika Shah) which screened in cinemas around the world and won multiple awards including the BFI Grierson Award for Best Documentary in 2019.

Sofia Dragt

Composer, producer, vocalist and pianist Sofia Dragt works as a recording and performing artist in pop music, as well as a composer and producer for film and media. Sound: cinematic, neo-classical, piano, airy vocals, vulnerable to epic.

Bram Meindersma

Music composition for different media with a special focus on animated works and socially engaged documentaries. Winner of BUMA Award for best original composition in Documentary (2020), Composer & Sound-designer to 2018 OSCAR-nominated short "Negative Space"

Alex Simu

Alex Simu is an internationally acclaimed clarinetist, teacher and composer. In 2016 he was awarded with the Golden Calf by the Dutch Film Academy “Best Music” for the movie directed by Boudewijn Koole “Beyond Sleep”. Simu's score for “Disappearance” directed by Boudewijn Koole was awarded with the BUMA Award “Best Original Score” 2017 in the Netherlands. The music score for “Back to the Taj Mahal Hotel” directed by Carina Molier received the BUMA Award “Best Original score for a documentary” 2018 in the Netherlands and the score for "They Call me Babu" by Sandra Beerends also received a Buma Award “Best Original score for a documentary” 2020. Active on the jazz and world music scene Simu has performed and toured professionally in 46 countries over 6 continents. Since 2015, Simu is teaching clarinet at the Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam. In 2007 he was awarded the First Prize of the Dutch Jazz Competition. 
Since 2010 Simu composed music for a considerable number of award-winning international film productions, some of them produced by Witfilm, KeyFilm, Kitchen Film, IDTV Docs, FilmCamp.

Vincent van Warmerdam

Vincent van Warmerdam is widely known for his scores for feature film, documentary and television. He is also a guitarplayer, theatremaker and writer (2 novels) Awards: Best Music Zilveren Lessenaar for Abel (NL) European Film Composer of the Year for The Northerners (NL.) Best Original Composition in Film - Buma Awards (NL) for Rojo (ARG.) Best Music Gouden Kalf for Kicks (N.L) Best Music Eye Documentary Award (USA) for The Mole Agent (Chili) nomination Best Music, Silver Condor for Rojo (Arg.) nomination Best Music, Buma Awards for the Mole Agent (Chili) nomination Best Music, Gouden Kalf Carmen Meets Borat (NL.) nomination Best Music, Gouden Kalf Ober (NL.) nomination Best Music, Gouden Kalf Vakprijs (NL.) nomination Best Music, Gouden Kalf Polleke nomination Best Music, Gouden Kalf Vakprijs He scored the Palme D'Or nominated Borgman The awarded documentary TV documentaire series Schuldig & Klassen The Mole Agent was nominated for the Oscar, Best Documentary 2021. He is also a guitarplayer, theatremaker and writer (de Plectrumfabriek & Boxgeur (romans- De Geus).

In collaboration with IDFA