Eye Badlands Annelotte Coster & Sam du Pon

Upcoming Dutch film talent in eye, a new generation speaks up.
During the Badlands evenings, the filmmakers will illuminate their artistic and societal visions as well as explain their personal drives using their own works and excerpts from makers who inspired them. What do they dream of? Who inspires them and what would they like to see changed? How do these new talents depict the pressing issues in their own lives? Time to share personal experiences.

In collaboration with Buma Music in Motion, eye presents this edition of Badlands with two new Dutch film talents: Annelotte Coster and Sam du Pon.

Special Guests Spinvis and Peter Bernaers
Both Badlands-talents chose an inspiring guest to put through the mill. Sam asked grader Peter Bernaers, who did the grading for De Slag om de Schelde, Golden Palm winner Titane and the delirious horror film Mandy with Nicholas Cage. Annelotte is joined by musician and composer Spinvis to, as Annelotte puts it, “discuss how he beautifully weaves his warm sound through his music (songs as well as for film)”.

The Graduate
Following the Badlands evening with Annelotte and Sam, their film of choice is The Graduate (1967) by Mike Nichols.

Badlands – the series puts new Dutch film talent in the spotlight every three months, followed by a screening of a film of their choice.

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Annelotte Coster (film composer, NL)

Annelotte Coster is a film composer whose work includes Marlon Brando and Heartbeats by Badlands talent Vincent Tilanus. She trained in keys and completed the Master Composing for Film at the Pop Music department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and started her own project Hello Cinema. She provided a score made up entirely of pop music for the film Run Baby Run and applied her knowledge of synthesizers in Voorwaarts Mars. She also worked on the feature films Ningyo and Shalky.

Sam du Pon (director of photography, NL)

Sam du Pon is a director of photography currently shooting a feature-length documentary for Rámon Gieling. He has undertaken the camerawork on a wide range of documentaries and films: from the highly stylised and static L'été et tout le reste to the very free Omdat ik Yfendo heet. Other work by him includes LeeuwinBirdlandZeepaardStuffTorso and The Disciples: A Street Opera.