Digital Sync Mission United Kingdom

In collaboration with Dutch Music Export we are continuing our digital road trip. After a succesful sync mission to Europe, we are now crossing the channel to the United Kingdom.

On November 24, we will (digitally) take off to the U.K. Gathered in a venue in Amsterdam we will be (digitally) joined by experts from the U.K. and you will get the chance to expand your network in all industries. We’ll start the day with a workshop to loosen up for the mission at hand, followed by an inspiring keynote. After a lunch break (included!) we will dive into a ‘how-to’ on doing business in the UK. Once you have gathered all the information you need to know about the UK, we will start with the main event: The Roundtable talks with our U.K. experts! We will end the day with some well-deserved drinks and while doing so, we will be joined by a special guest.

A detailed program including a list of experts will follow in the lead up to the event – and will be shown below.

Costs? We will charge a little!
In order to maintain the quality of the digital sync mission, we will charge €50,- to participate. Although we charge a little fee, there are still only limited spots available. In case we receive more submissions than available spots, we’ll make a selection based on your profession to maintain professional diversity.

You can sign up for the Digital Sync Mission to the United Kingdom via this form. Deadline to apply is November 5.

Supported by Dutch Music Export