Digital Sync Mission Europe (Germany, France and Scandinavia)

The long-awaited digital sync mission is here! In collaboration with Dutch Music Export, we are going on a digital road trip among the most important areas in the music industry: Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.* First up is Europe, and more specifically: Germany, France, and Scandinavia!

Although all potential business during the mission will be done digitally, we are aiming to maintain the character of the traditional sync mission by getting all attendees together in a spacious meeting venue in Amsterdam. By being in a different environment (instead of a Zoom room) we are hoping to stimulate creativity and collaborations among attendees.

During the mission we’ll be joined (digitally) by experts from the focus areas and you’ll get the chance to expand your network in all industries. Our experts (so far) are listed below. More names will be announced shortly!

On June 30, we’ll kick off and you can sign up! We’ll start the day early and end it with a walking dinner including some well-deserved drinks. Deadline is June 10. The deadline to sign up is expired.

It’s free of charge!
Participating in the digital sync mission(s) is free of charge, but we do have limited spots available. If we receive more submissions than spots available, we’ll make a selection based on your profession to maintain professional diversity.

Not interested in the digital sync mission focused on Europe, but would you like to sign up for one of the other missions? Shoot us an e-mail (if you haven’t done this already!) and we’ll keep you updated.

*The US sync mission might take place digitally or physically depending on the current rules and regulations.


Nis Bøgvad (Music Supervisor/Founder, Copenhagen Film Music, Co-founder of Europe in Synch, DK)

With 27 years experience as music professional, Nis Bøgvad has worked in all aspects of the music business. From Multi-Platinum selling Songwriter, Recording Artist (EMI ) and Producer to Head of A&R (EMI Music), Creative Director (Music Sales Group), Executive Music Producer National TV to Music Supervisor. In 2014 he founded “Copenhagen Film Music” a 360° Music supervision company for Film & TV, to professionalize the handling of music in European moving media and ease the communication between music and media industries. Nis has worked on more than 150 feature films, commercials and TV series. He’s been sharing knowledge at A&R Worldwide, Midem Cannes, Sync Summit Paris, Les Arcs European Film Festival, and Artist mentor for Music Estland VOLÜÜM mentoring program, to mention a few. Lately Nis has been working on the Danish TV drama ‘Follow the Money’ (Bedrag) and forthcoming HBO series Kamikaze.

Europe in Synch is a Music Moves Europe preparatory action project fostering the development of young music professionals actively involved in synch licensing, promoting the use of European music in film and advertising.

Milena Fessmann (Music Supervision, CINESONG, DE)

Since the early 90’s Milena has worked as a fulltime DJ for various radio stations. In 1997 she started her own weekly show at Radio Eins/RBB called "Free Falling". Milena, also founder of CINESONG, has been and still is a moderator for several national events and panels such as the Cartoon Movie Award/Potsdam (2002-2008), Reeperbahn Festival (2014-2019), c/o pop Cologne (2014-2020) and many more. She also teaches music supervising and copyright clearing at film school such as DFFB Berlin and is an advisory board member of the World Soundtrack Academy. In 2011 Milena founded Sugar Town Film Production Gmbh & The first project was "The Potential of Noise – Conny Plank" by Stepen Plank and Reto Caduff. Besides, Milena is the executive producer of "When Hiltr stole Pink Rabbit", directed by award-winning director Caroline Link and is co-producer on "Evaluation", "Girl Made of Dust", "Prince of Swans" and many more.

Jesper Gadeberg (Music Stylist, DK)

Music supervisor Jesper Gadeberg (Copenhagen based) is caring about music creativity and is specialized in advertising. From time to time the music supervisor for directors such as Michel Gondry – James Marsh – Frederic Planchon – Jonathan Glazer - Martin Werner - TRAKTOR & Martin De Thurah and others. He has won for ‘best use of music’ for his ideas at various advertising festivals including winning the Music + Sound Award in 2016 – 2018 & 2019. Also judging at various advertising festivals for best music used. Speaker at Midem – ESNS & Cannes Lions etc on how to get your music placed in advertising. Used as a source for articles published in The Huffington Post.

Ilana Goldstoff (Sync & Licensing Manager Central Europe, Deutsche Grammophon, DE)

After earning her stripes at Sizzer, with award-winning syncs for Opel, Heineken and Diesel, Ilana Goldstoff has been asked to take up the position of Sync & Licensing manager at the famed classical music label Deutsche Grammophon. Here she is responsible for the European syncs for composers such as Joep Beving, Max Richter, Moby and Agnes Obel. Ilana strives for surprising music choices in which image and music merge into a superior whole.

Rachel Graham (Music Publising and Creative Sync & Licensing, Passe Publishing & inFiné Éditions, FR)

From event curation and programming to large-scale event management, label consultant, artist management, booking agent, project management, brand partnerships, business affairs, creative consultancy, and music publishing – In Rachel’s 19 years of experience in the music industry there aren’t many spheres is has not experienced.

Starting from Glasgow's art and club scene with Optimo Espacio, moving to London with Franz Ferdinand, landing in France keenly focused on music publishing (Passé Publishing & InFiné Éditions) in Paris - with numerous projects and artist management (Ivan Smagghe, K-X-P, and Matias Aguayo) in between - including joining in 2015, and helping found the French chapter in 2017, it continues to be a full and interesting ride!

Silje Katralen (Senior Music Supervisor, Ohlogy, NO)

In retrospect, it was the soundtrack from “Scream” that indirectly sparked Silje’s curiosity and love for music supervision. "I have a vivid memory of always being obsessed with music in films, genuinely loving when a piece of music and a scene merged perfectly together – not knowing back then that this is a handcraft."
After finishing a Master’s degree in Law in Switzerland in 2010, Silje started working as a law associate at a firm in Berne for a short period. She decided to move back to Norway working for the Norwegian State.

It did not take long before she started thinking that there might be a way to combine law and a lifelong passion for films, tv-series and music. She quit her “safe” job position, followed a single course in film music at the University in Oslo, before studying Music Supervision at Berklee College of Music, through Berklee Online.

Silje lives in Oslo with her musician husband, a little son and a Saluki called Zappa. She works hard to promote the importance of the music supervisor’s role in the Norwegian film and media-industry.

Stephanie Sfeir (Music Supervision, Creaminal, FR)

Christian Fløe Svenningsen (Publishing Director/Partner, GL Music, DK)

Christian is a partner and the Director of Publishing at Danish independent GL Music Entertaniment A/S. He joined the company in 2013, after a career spanning management, label A&R, live touring and tour management among other things.

His daily work spans creative publishing A&R work, songwriter and producer development, as well as sync both in a pitching and music supervision capacity. Music supervision and sync work includes Danish TV series Oda Omvendt (DR), Klassen (DR), Ragnarok (Netflix) as well as feature films Vildheks and Rosa. Sync work includes Häagen Dazs, Norwegian Airlines, Gopro, Youtube and more.

Isabelle Tardieu (Partner, Uzik, FR)

Isabelle Tardieu joined UZIK, a French advertising and events agency, responsible for Calvi on The Rocks Festival in Corsica and powering its own interactive studio, as a partner in 2020. She works for Google, YouTube, Hermès and L’Oreal luxe.

Over the last 15 years, she spent 5 years as a label manager at Warner Music, Elektra and Atlantic Records where she launched and developed careers for international acts such as Lykke Li, Foals, Theophilus London, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Byrne and Gnarls Barkley. She then moved on to BETC, the first French advertising agency where she co-founded General POP, a full-service entertainment and production agency, media ( and record label (Pop Records, licensed to Polydor/Universal) and was resposible for Air France, Evian, Lacoste, Disneyland Paris, YSL beauty and UGC global music and events strategies, as well as for movies and tv series soundtracks production.

On top of acting as the associate director of UZIK, she manages Canine, a powerful and enigmatic French act gathering no less than 12 female musicians on stage, who released their first album in 2019.

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