Crafting Soundtracks for Animation

Learn all about composing for animated films. In this session, composers Joep and Sebastiaan will give a deep-dive into the tricks, techniques and learned processes of collaborating with visual designers to compose stand-out sonic worlds. They’ll illustrate their points by taking the audience through their creative approach on well-loved vegetarian sausage commercial ‘Times are Changing’ for Unox.

This session takes place online via the platform NetworkTables. Please note that seats are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. So get yourself in motion and save your seat.


Joep Meijburg (composer and sound designer, Ambassadors)

Joep Meijburg is a composer and sound designer at creative production studio Ambassadors in Amsterdam. When he joined as an intern in 2009 after some solid stalking of one of the founders at a brown bar, no hour was too late and no musical chord too difficult to try out. Joep now works on commercials for local and international brands including Hema and McDonald’s, plays the occasional gig, and more recently collaborated on a series ‘on ideas’ with HALAL director Johan Kramer.

Sebastiaan Roestenburg (composer, sound designer and founding partner, Ambassadors)

Sebastiaan Roestenburg is a senior composer, sound designer and founding partner of creative production studio Ambassadors, where he writes and produces music to picture for brands including Audi, Nike, Corona and artists such as Erwin Olaf. At Ambassadors, he oversees all music productions and has spoken on the interaction between music and image at events including Amsterdam Dance Event, Berlin Commercial Festival, Rotterdam Doelen Ensemble, and Amsterdam Film Academy.