BMIM New Talent Demo Derby

Do you want an insight in the mind of four up-and-coming Buma Award nominated and winning composers? Do you want to keep up with the next generation of media music? Then tune into the BMIM New Talent Demo Derby!

The BMIM New Talent Demo Derby is all about experiencing the talent and vision of a new generation through the ears. And who better to reach out to than the winners and runners-up of the Buma Music In Motion New Talent Award of 2019 and 2020; Annelotte Coster, Daan Hofman, Gijs Knol en Thomas van der Burg. For this session we briefed our composers and challenged them to present their demo track to each other and, of course, to you.

During this sesssion our composers will join each other in an open discussion, where they compare, give feedback and pick apart their music. After presenting, the other composers will give their initial thoughts, praises and comments alike. Be sure to sign up to be part of the sound of the future!

Want to know how they work, what their creative process looks like, or how their music came to be? After the demo presentations, the virtual floor will be open and you get the chance to ask all your questions and learn everything you need to know.

This session takes place online via the platform NetworkTables. Please note that seats are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. So get yourself in motion and save your seat.

This session will be Dutch spoken.

Read the brief the composers received here. Please note that this brief is fictitious and is not related to an existing (or in development) game.

Listen to all the demo’s below:

Demo by: Thomas van der Burg

Demo by: Annelotte Coster

Demo by: Daan Hofman

Demo by: Gijs Knol


Thomas van der Burg

Thomas van der Burg (1995) is a Dutch film and media composer. He attended the Rockacademie in Tilburg from 2014 to 2018 and was an intern for the upcoming Los Angeles-based composer Joep Sporck, assisting him on the feature film "Sinterklaas en het Gouden Hoefijzer". In 2019 he composed the music for Dutch talk show "Jacobine". Now he is working as an independent composer working on various interesting projects, in both the TV, film and commercial sectors.

Annelotte Coster

Annelotte Coster (1995) is a composer and keys player. In 2013 she starts her education in Pop Keys at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, with a focus on original material. During her Bachelor’s she plays in various bands and develops an interest in the combination of music and film. With that in mind she enrolls into extracurriculars in film music with Jurre Haanstra and Walther Stuhlmacher. In 2017 she is accepted for the Master’s Composing for Film, a collaboration between the Conservatory of Amsterdam and the Dutch Film Academy. There, she writes music for fiction films, documentaries and advertisements. In addition, she does research for her thesis Popular Music as an Instrument in Film Score. She applies her findings in Ningyo (Timo Ottevanger). For her other graduation films she composes in various styles, a.o. a string quartet for the documentary Als Je Later Groot Bent (Max Baggerman), that won the VPRO documentary award in 2019 and was nominated for the BMIM New Talent Award in 2020. Het most recent work is an ambient score for short film Marlon Brando (Vincent Tilanus).

Daan Hofman

Since 2018 Amsterdam based composer Daan Hofman mainly focuses on composing for film and has written music for 15 short films. Two of his soundtracks were nominated for 'Best Musical Score' on the 48h film projects and he won in Rotterdam.
In September 2019, Daan was admitted to a master's program in Media Composition at Chichester University (UK) and he wrote the music for the BNNVara documentary 'De schrijver, de moordenaar & zijn vrouw', broadcasted on Dutch television. In 2020 he won the BMIM 'New Talent Award', with his orchestral soundtrack to the short film 'Danny & the Wild Bunch' by Robert Rugan.
In addition, it was recently announced that he has won the 2nd prize at the CAIFF with his score for the short film 'I'll Be Here' by Tiffany Murray.

Gijs Knol

Gijs Knol is an independent composer and music producer from The Netherlands. He won the Buma Music In Motion New Talent Award in 2019 with his music compositions for the Anne Frank Foundation. He studied Media Music at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede, NL. Gijs started his career working closely together with producer Jaywalker, collaborating on projects like sonic branding and jingles for International Radio stations like KTU New York, KIIS-FM, Heart Radio UK and recently worked with the metropole orchestra for the new sonic branding for ClassicNL/FM. Nowadays Gijs works mostly on compositions for the advertising industry and TV campaigns and short films & documentaries.


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Moderator: Camilla van der Kooij

Since 2007 Camilla van der Kooij has been working as a freelance violinist, mostly in pop music. This provides her with lots of awesome adventures, because she works with many different artists. She played in Kyteman’s Orchestra and for bands such as the Analogues, Kensington, Wende Snijders and is a part of the Red Limo Quartet, which tours with, among others, Eddie Vedder.
In addition to playing violin, Camilla studied Applied Physics at TU Delft and Art of Sound at the conservatory of The Hague. Under the alias The Stringlab she arranges and records string players in her home studio for (international) projects.
In her ‘free time’ Camilla is an enthusiastic surfer and is working on a documentary series on surfing musicians.
Her blog is