Across the TV, Game, Advertising and Film Industries

Everyone is aware of how much the live music industry has been affected by corona, but what about the film, game and TV industries? They don’t exist in a bubble and they employ a lot of creatives and technicians who work across all the film, game, advertising, TV and music sectors. What changes have we seen in the sync sector and how will the impact of the pandemic change how producers and composers pitch for and win work for games, films and TV? Was there a freeze across the creative industries or was work still being carried out by small groups of people in a kind of creative lockdown? What has been going on behind the scenes for the last two months?

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Milena Fessmann (Cinesong, GER)

Since 1991, Milena has worked as a full-time DJ and has worked for various radio stations. Since 1997 she works for Radio Eins/RBB and her own weekly show called "Free Falling". In 1989 she founded CINESONG. She is moderator of several national events and panels such as the "Cartoon Movie Award"/Postdam 2002-2008, Reeperbahn-Festival 2014-19, c/o pop Cologne 2014-2020 and many more. Milena also teaches music supervising and copyright clearing at filmschools such as DFFB Berlin and is advisory board member of the World Soundtrack Academy. She founded Sugar Town Film production Gmbh & in 2011. The first project was "The Potential of Noise-Conny Plank" by Stephan Plank and Reto Caduff. She is executive-producer of "When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit", directed by award winning director Caroline Link and is co-producer on "Evaluation", "Girl Made of Dust", “Prince of Swans” and several more.

Matthijs Kieboom (Composer, ‘Wild’, ‘Van der Valk’, ‘Dummie de Mummie’, NL)

Matthijs is one of Holland's premier film and tv composers. Despite his relatively young age, he has been a fulltime composer for more than a decade and has recently become the head of the Film Music department in one of Holland’s leading conservatories. In 2017, after scoring numerous feature films and tv series, Matthijs ventured into his first big feature documentary, "Wild", a film about the captivating Dutch nature and wildlife. The film was a big box-office success, had 1,5 million views on TV (over a population of 17 Million) and it was the first soundtrack of Matthijs to be released on CD. The score earned him multiple nominations including the one for International Film Music Critics Association Award (“Best Original Score for a Documentary”).

Spring 2020: a gripping and modern adaptation of the iconic British series "Van Der Valk" returned to tv in UK after nearly 30 years with the score composed by Matthijs. He welcomed the challenge of creating a new theme for the series and has set each of the episodes to a more minimal, contemporary and relevant score with just the subtlest of nods to the original theme tune “Eye Level”. Matthijs is, apart from composing, very active on the education and promoting of film music. In 2019 he became the head of Filmmusic composition department at the conservatory in Enschede, the conservatory well known for schooling Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL. Over the years, Matthijs has been a frequent guest on multiple radio and tv shows, talking about the art of film music.

Karolien Mazereeuw-Koolen (Head of Synch Benelux, Sony/ATV, NL)

Karolien has a strong passion for music and loves the power that music has in stirring our emotions. In her role she’s able to combine on screen emotions with music daily. Karolien has worked on many global advertising campaigns for Heineken, Qatar and DHL, to name a few, as well as many Film and TV projects. She is involved with all licensing aspects, as well as creative pitching. Sony/ATV represents the copyrights of the legendary songs of Lennon and McCartney, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Queen, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran and the Motown catalogue. In the Benelux, the team, based in the centre of Amsterdam, works with songwriters and producers such as Kovacs, HAEVN, My Baby, Duncan Laurence, Faces on TV, Golden Earring, George Baker and Hooverphonic.

Duncan Smith (PlayStation, GB)

Duncan Smith is Head Of Music at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe - working on games produced by PlayStation Worldwide Studios. He heads up the team that licenses commercial music and commissions bespoke composed music for games such as Gran Turismo, Dreams, WipEout and Little Big Planet, as well as for PlayStation’s global advertising campaigns. He has an extensive music knowledge and strong relationships within the industry, having started out in music PR and artist management. Duncan also runs the sync industry networking group Sync Drinks, founded Synced In (the portal for finding and advertising positions in the UK sync world), and is Vice-President of the UK & European Music Supervisors Guild.

Ben Sumner (Music Supervisor, Feel for Music, GB)

Founder of music consultancy, Feel for Music, Ben is a music supervisor specializing in the field of video games. Twice voted Music Week Music Supervisor of the Year for Video Games and winner of a number of awards for music creation and supervision across gaming, advertising and radio. Ben has worked on music for numerous games franchises including Assassin’s Creed, Just Cause, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Far Cry, Final Fantasy, Life is Strange to name just a few. As well as numerous other projects including work for Google, Jaguar and the BBC. Having started out as a DJ/producer over 20 years ago, his career has spanned numerous artist and media projects in a variety of roles. Career highlights include remixing Candi Staton’s ‘You’ve Got the Love’, working with Florence & The Machine (Final Fantasy XV), Dua Lipa (Jaguar) and Daughter (Life Is Strange) and voicing a character for CBBC! More recent projects include creating all music for the Just Cause 4 marketing campaign, the Jaguar Pace campaign with Dua Lipa creating the most remixed track in history, and in-game music supervision for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Moderator: Gary Smith (Journalist, FR)

Multi-lingual (French/Spanish/Dutch) journalist, translator, copy writer and daytime conference programmer, moderator at the Amsterdam Dance Event and at the Brazilian Music Conference (BRMC). Regular writer for Television Business International (TBI), Cannes Lions Daily News, Location International Magazine, MIDEM News, MIPTV & MIPCOM News, Sportel and the Monte Carlo TV Festival magazine. Specialist subjects include music, technology, social networking, advertising, online media, sport and business strategy.