Buma Music in Media Awards

The Buma Music in Media Awards are all about celebrating the best music in films, games, podcasts, radio, documentaries, advertising and television. A panel of experienced and professional judges from across the audio and visual industries will assess each entry and select winners. This year, the judges will choose one winner in each of the following Buma Music in Media Awards categories:

  • Best Original Composition in Film
  • Best Original Composition in Short Film
  • Best Original Composition in Documentaries
  • Best Original Composition in Television Series
  • Best Original Composition in Advertising
  • Best Sync in Advertising
  • Best Original Composition in Video Games and VR
  • Best Sync (in Television, Trailers, Film, Video Games)
  • Best Podcast and Radio Imaging
  • Best Television Imaging
  • Best Original Composition Experience
  • BMIM New Talent Award

All these categories need a winner and that’s where you come in. If you’re a composer or musician, work on commission and meet the required conditions, then it’s time to get busy and start assessing your work to decide which is/are best to submit. Give it your best shot!

Submissions can be made until February 8, 2021 at 23.59. The winners will be announced on May 20, 2021 during a special event, where they will be honored and receive their own personalized Buma Award.

The deadline for submission has expired.