Find out who will win this year’s Buma Music in Media Awards

Who created the very best compositions in media? A panel of experienced and professional judges from across the audio and visual industries will answer this question for you. Every year in May, we celebrate the best media compositions by awarding the winners in twelve different categories. New this year are the categories ‘Best Original Composition in Videogames and VR’, ‘Best Original Composition in Podcasts’ and 'Best Original Composition Experience'.

Every workday, from Monday April 26 on, we will announce the nominees of one particular category. In total we count twelve categories, and our annual Talent Award, with each three nominees. The winners will be announced on May 20, 2021 during a special event. Follow our socials and don’t miss out on the nominees and winners of this year’s Buma Music in Media Awards.

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Online sessions continued

Last year we weren’t able to organize the BMIM award show & conference like we were all used to, but focused on connecting with you online instead. We reached out to numerous professionals to participate in sessions to inspire and give you the opportunity to connect with others. Although it may seem as if we’re further away due to the lacking physical aspect, we continuously worked on creating new opportunities.

This year, again, brings uncertainty. However, we are more motivated than ever to help you connect, inspire and collaborate with other. There has never been a better time to connect and the world has never been more accessible, even when it’s through a screen. We want to help you increase your network without borders and we will continue our online sessions to expand your horizons.

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Program conference 2021

Stranger Things: Q&A with Kyle Dixon

In the annals of film and television, certain musical themes manage to transcend the moving image. From the whistle that brings in Morricone’s The Good, the Bad and

Go North: Work for Dutch Media Composers in the Nordics

The Nordics holds a certain prestige when it comes to musical tradition, with record-producers and writers such as Max Martin dominating the charts, and film composers Jóhann Jóhannsson

In Focus: The Asian Sync Scene

The Asian sync market is huge, varied and very healthy, providing the region’s massive output of films, games, TV shows and advertising with songs, soundtracks and soundbeds. But

The Media Future is Female Matchmaking

BMIM is all about making connections. That is, in fact, one of the main goals of BMIM’s existence. Lately, we have been receiving several requests ‘whether we know

BMIM Awards is all about the community and that is what's most important in art and life. It's not about win or lose. BMIM has generously given me some fertile ground to grow my own seeds.

Stavros Markonis

winner 2019 Buma Award Best Original Composition in Television Series

The BMIM LA Sync Mission is a very inspiring and horizon-broadening initiative that offers the Dutch music professional a chance to get in touch with the top of the Los Angeles music industry and has provided interesting opportunities for the ability of his international network.

Merlijn Snitker

composer 'Bankier van Verzet'

Sometimes showing my portfolio isn’t enough to convince potential clients. They also want to see if my work is being rated as successful. Winning a prestigious award like the Buma Award helped me a lot with getting new gigs!

Beau D. Schaepman

winner 2018 Buma Award Best Original Composition in Trailer (for Film, TV, Gaming)

Buma Music in Media Awards

Nominees 2021

BMIM New Talent Award

Nikolaï Clavier

Blauwe Maandag

Mees van der Velde, Daan Lutgendorff

BudX Miami 2020

Koen Cramer


Buma Award Best Original Composition in Documentaries

Bram Meindersma

Allen Tegen Allen (Audiobrand Publishing)

Jeroen Goeijers

Dierbaren (Sheltered)

Bob Thole


Buma Award Best Original Composition in Video Games and VR

Sander van Zanten

Deliver Us The Moon (Wired Productions)

Manglemoose (Matties Grooten, Mark van Mameren, Mathijs Wiermans)


Alex Simu

The Shape of Us

Buma Award Best Sync (in Television, Trailers, Film, Video Games)

Torre Florim

1WRD: Misunderstood (US, short film) - ‘Phoenix’ by De Staat (Red Smoke Publishing / CTM Publishing)

Camiel Meiresonne, Quinten Meiresonne, Will Knox

Casanova’s (NL, film) – ‘Hiding’ by Son Mieux (Sony Music Publishing, Pennies From Heaven Music Publishing)

George Kooymans, Barry Hay

Mrs. America (US, tv series) – ‘Radar Love’ by Golden Earring (Sony Music Publishing Benelux)

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Television Series

Rutger Reinders

I.M. (De Familie)

Vincent van Warmerdam


Frank van Kasteren, Peter van Rooijen, Jan-Paul Buijs

TreurTeevee 2 (Pupkin Film Music)

Buma Award Best Sync in Advertising

Danny Vera, John Verhoeven

KPN – Ode aan Nederland – ‘Roller Coaster’ by Danny Vera (Sony Music Publishing Benelux, Downtown Music Benelux)

Anan De Boer , Ellroy Jarreau Uyleman, Nathaniel Klumperbeek, Olivia Nelson, Ruben Croes

McDonalds – Kerst Vier Je Samen – ‘Someone That You Love’ by Jarreau Vandal (Warner Chappell Music / Sentric Music)

Jorrit Kleijnen, Marijn van der Meer

Vodafone – ‘Where the heart is’ by HAEVN (Night Shift Publishing, Day Shift Publishing)

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Short Film

Matthijs Kieboom

The Cloudmaker

Koen van de Wardt (Klangstof)


Mike Meurs

Margin of Terror

Buma Award Best Television Imaging

Tim Boomsma, Dennis Baffoe, Timon Grool

AVROTROS - Jill (Leader, bumper, outro) (AVROTROS)

Lodewijk Vos, Cabo da Roca, Robson, Rockman

DMAX (Sonic Identity) (Rock Agency)

Ward Henselmans, Jeroen Kuitenbrouwer, Daan Jansen (KH Music)

EO (Soundlogo) (CrossMex)

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Advertising

Lars Bos (Snelle), Okke Punt, Daan Ligtvoet

Interpolis - ‘Smoorverliefd’ (Cloud9 Holland Music Publishing, Straight Shooter Publishing / Universal Music Publishing BV, Sony Music Publishing, ROQ ‘N Rolla Publishing / Downtown Music Benelux BV)

Sean de Vries, Cris Kos, Jef Richaerts

Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport - ‘Eén tegen Eenzaamheid’ (Sounds Like Publishing)

Niels den Otter, Guido Maat, Sjoerd Linbergen, Miles Lee Patisolano

Young Capital – ‘We Give Work’ (HERC / Schwartz and Sons)

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New nominations will follow from Monday 10 May. Nominations will be announced every business day.

Winners 2021

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Film

Winners will be announced May 20.

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Short Film

Winners will be announced May 20.

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Documentaries

Winners will be announced May 20.

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Television Series

Winners will be announced May 20.

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Advertising

Winners will be announced May 20.

Buma Award Best Sync in Advertising

Winners will be announced May 20.

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Video Games and VR

Winners will be announced May 20.

Buma Award Best Sync (in Television, Trailers, Film, Video Games)

Winners will be announced May 20.

Buma Award Best Podcast and Radio Imaging

Winners will be announced May 20.

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Podcasts

Winners will be announced May 20.

Buma Award Best Television Imaging

Winners will be announced May 20.

Buma Award Best Original Composition Experience

Winners will be announced May 20.

BMIM New Talent Award

Winners will be announced May 20.

Jury 2021

Laura Bell

After being Managing Director for BMG Production Music, Laura Bell now navigates the complexity of researching and selecting songs, licensing soundtracks and developing filmscores as an independent music supervisor.

Jet Berkhout

Since 2011 Jet Berkhout has been working for NPO Radio 4, where she presents De Muziekfabriek on fridays and saturdays. Wherever possible, be it in the space between sliding doors or village churces, she plays with the string quartet Striking Four and string orchestra Lundi Bleu.

Claire van Daal

Claire van Daal is a member of the Film and Media committee of the Amsterdam Art Council and chair of De Ontmoeting. Claire van Daal is programmer of the Netherlands Film Festival.

Berend Dubbe

After his stint as the drummer for Bettie Serveert, Berend Dubbe focused on sample-pop/orchestrapop compositions as Bauer. In addition, Dubbe composes music for film, advertising, podcast and art projects and is a professional voice over.

Stephen Emmer

Aside from leading one of the premier Dutch mediamusic & sound design boutique studios, composer, arranger and producer Stephen Emmer is the initiator of Buma Music in Motion.

Ilana Goldstoff

After earning her stripes at Sizzer, Ilana Goldstoff now works as Sync & Licensing manager at the famed classical music label Deutsche Grammophon.

Danielle Guirguis

Danielle Guirguis founded SMARTHOUSE FILMS – ARTVERTISING & INDIE FILMS. She is a regular speaker/juror on festivals like Eurobest, Dubai Lynx, Buma Awards, Gerety Awards, ADCN and Go Short Int. Film Festival, a member of EAVE and the treasurer of the Executive Board of ACE Producers.

Ruben van der Hammen

Ruben van der Hammen has an editor since 2011. His work includes the Emmy award winning films ‘Minders Shot Down’ and ‘Etgar Keret: Based on a true story’. In 2020 he received the ‘Gouden Kalf’ award for best editing.

Thijs Havens

Thijs Havens is a musician/composer and musical curator for Filmmuseum EYE for whom he also composes & performs new scores for (silent) films.

Merel van Helsdingen

Merel van Helsdingen is founder and Managing Director at Nxt Museum and has worked on Marketing and Partnerships for tech, music and entertainment companies in London.

Daan Hofman

Since 2018 Amsterdam based composer Daan Hofman mainly focuses on composing for film and has written music for 15 short films. Last year, he won the BMIM 'New Talent Award' and recently, he has also won the 2nd prize at CAIFF with his score for the short film 'I'll Be Here' by Tiffany Murray.

Jon Karthaus

With his Amsterdam based production company Johnnywood Productions, director Jon Karthaus co-produced his first feature film debut called 'Homies', wrote and directed his second film 'Bella Donna's' as well as the multicultural blockbuster ‘Bon Bini Holland II’.

Matthijs Kieboom

Matthijs Kieboom (1985) has been a fulltime composer for over a decade and is Head of Film Music in one of Holland’s leading conservatories.

Rens Machielse

Rens Machielse is the former director of HKU Music and Technology. Rens composed music for over three hundred theatre plays, TV series, films, documentaries, commercials and animations.

Neeltje Mooring

Since 2007, Neeltje Mooring runs her own company SOLID as a rock and operates internationally as an independent publisher, sync agent and music supervisor.

Susanne van Nierop

Susanne van Nierop is editor-in-chief of Adformatie, the leading Dutch platform in marketing, media and advertising. She is also a board member of the SPIN Awards for innovative work in digital creativity.

Than van Nispen

Than van Nispen is a lecturer and researcher at HKU School of Music and Technology and the Expertise Centre for Creative Technologies. Than also has a background in biology, and is a music composer for games and interaction.

Léon Noordzij

Léon Noordzij is Creative director, Trailer Editor and Co-owner of The Pastry Shop and has over 14 year of experience in the European film industry. Clients include Netflix, Savage Film, Kaap Holland Film, Baldr, Lemming Film and Dutch Filmworks.

Jeroen Rietbergen

Between his live gigs as a keyboard player or Musical Director, Jeroen Rietbergen composes and scores soundtracks for feature films, one of which has won him 2 prestigious Buma Awards.

Martin de Ruiter

Martin de Ruiter is Programmer of ‘Eye on Sound’ in Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam. He has written several scores for silent films including ‘un Chien Andalou’ (1929), ‘Submarine’ (1928) and ‘Der Mandarin’ (1918).

Alex Simu

As a film music composer, Alex Simu has worked on a great number of award-winning international film productions since 2010. In 2016, he was awarded with the Golden Calf for Best Music for Beyond Sleep.

Marion Slewe

Marion Slewe works at the Production department of the Dutch Film Academy, where she is responsible for the distribution of studentfilms, contracts, festival policies and the organisation of the Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival. Additionally, she is involved with Staccato Films.

Paul Stevelmans

Paul Stevelmans has been editor-in-chief of the online film music magazine Score since 2004. He writes CD and book reviews and conducts interviews with Dutch and foreign film composers. Also, since 2008, he has been a member of The International Film Music Critics Association.

Django Weisz Blanchetta

Django Weisz Blanchetta is Managing Director at SuperHeroes, which he co-founded in 2009. Before launching SuperHeroes, Django cut his teeth as an Interaction Designer, Management Consultant and Operations Director.

Bart Westerlaken

After graduating as a cameraman at the Dutch Film Academy, Bart Westerlaken chose to become a composer. He scored various feature films and television like crime series Penoza, Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen and the documentary Strike a Pose.

Maarten Wijdenes

Maarten Wijdenes is a project manager Production Screen NL at the Netherlands Film Fund, the national agency responsible for supporting film production and film-related activities in the Netherlands.

Jonathan van den Wijngaarden

Videogame composer Jonathan van den Wijngaarden likes to tell games’ stories through music. His work can be heard in titles such as Honor of Kings (Tencent), World of Warplanes (Wargaming) and the best selling VR game Arizona Sunshine (Vertigo Games/Jaywalkers Interactive).

Bob Zimmerman

Bob Zimmerman has composed and arranged for numerous theatre, television and film productions. His works include films De Avonden and Tirza and documentaries De Nieuwe Wildernis and Holland, natuur in de Delta.


Even though we find ourselves connecting through a screen, the world has never been more accessible. We are more motivated than ever to help you create valuable connections and inspire one another. Meaning, we will continue with our online sessions to expand your horizons, and if there’s any chance to connect physically, we’ll be the first to hop on that train and organize live match makings, sessions and of course, networking drinks.

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